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Meet The Scarlet Snow For The Sassy Set

Mila Stauffer is your average vlogger. Her career is full-time and a news article claims she brings home most of the family income from ads and sponsored content. While she runs the gamut of the usual self-made comic-rant topics, more than half of the time, she doesn’t really know what she’s saying.

In fact, she’s three years old.

The internet will always have a special place for snark, which is served best when served cute. While it’s an effective tool in getting people to look closer at things, it also makes the one dishing it out cuter herself. Sass is a guilty indulgence indeed—we all know the pleasure of telling off dirty old men posting misogynistic comments on Facebook threads.

But there’s something extra about snark delivered by children—especially kids who are unaware of it.

We get it, it’s totally manufactured. She has a ton of advertisements, and most aren’t from child-targeted brands. The girl doesn’t know what she’s saying but it’s hella cute and pretty funny anyway. It’s been said that kids say both the darndest and wisest things. Maybe it’s about how we wish we could return to a state of innocence again?

Whereas Vicki Belo’s viral darling Scarlet Snow also holds her own without relying too much on her mom’s fame, her content is more innocent, and is decidedly cute: learning Mandarin, answering questions normally given to toddlers, and the like.

For Mila, it’s a cute kid talking about adult (but not inappropriate!) topics—with the attendant sass.

Perhaps it’s also that when it comes to comedy, it tickles the most where it’s least expected. And in this case, there’s nothing more awesome when a toddler who in real life can’t speak full sentences is made to say lines that poke fun at ourselves and at society.

In this case, the snark isn’t derived from what’s being said but from who’s saying it. Quite frankly, Mila’s cheeky commentary and jokes are not far from casual table-talk: working out at the gym, throwing some shade at Santa, make-up tutorials, pretty mundane stuff. Most of it is scripted by her mom, Katie, who left her old job to become a full-time vlogger with Mila and sibling Emma as talents. Their brand is also managed by a talent agency.

But it’s in how Mila tells it, in YouTube videos that never go beyond 2 minutes, and in Instagram posts on her mom’s own account. Mila may be a brand, but she doesn’t have her own accounts—she piggybacks on Katie’s social media profiles. Nonetheless, this toddler really captures the sass, eyebrows raised, fingers pinched and all. She sighs, rolling her eyes and pausing to pop food into her mouth. See for yourself:



Apparently, Mila wants to go to law school:



She shares her beauty secrets:



She also poses like a model:



Mila is still waiting for her invite to New York Fashion Week...??

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We mean, really, what can Mila—without a little help from mama—not do?


Photos from @kcstauffer