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#RoyalWedding Update: Meghan Markle Makes Royal Wedding History By Choosing To Walk Down The Aisle By Herself

Meghan Markle is changing the British monarchy as we know it—even before she's officially become a royal. 


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Royal wedding fever has reached an all-time high, thanks to the soon-to-happen-union of Hollywood actress Meghan, and one of the royal family's most eligible bachelors, Prince Harry. The pair has been together for a little over a year and a half, and has been engaged since November 2017. 

Since their whirlwind romance was made public in 2016, the world has learned that many things about their relationship has challenged long-standing traditions and conventions of the British monarchy, many of which Britons feel have become outdated. 



Meghan, for instance, is a commoner, which means that she has no royal lineage or noble ancestry to her name, and would have been an unlikely candidate for her future husband had their wedding been staged 20 years or so earlier. Even more remarkable is the fact that she is bi-racial and has African-American heritage; the royal family, including those that marry into it, has historically been a clan composed of mainly those of European descent. 

She's also been married in the past, and more so, is an active participant in political and social groups that fight for women's rights and push for inclusivity in all its forms. 

In short, she's a modern-day power woman whose outspokenness, self-assuredness, confidence, principles, and strength are qualities that the British monarchy has not often seen in its royal brides-to-be. 



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Meghan's shaking things up, and people from the whole world—not just the British—are loving and admiring her for it. 

On her wedding day, Meghan continues to make another statement about being a woman who can stand her own ground: she's walking herself down the aisle, and essentially not depending on a man to give her away. 

The decision comes after her father, Thomas Markle Sr., had to pull out of doing the honor due to health reasons. As the wedding party scrambled to find a solution to a seemingly big problem in the ceremony, the 36-year-old played it cool and decided that she could do the walk on her own. 



This has never happened in the history of British royal weddings, and it's another first of a feather that Meghan can tuck under her, well, fascinator. As it seems, Prince Harry has chosen to marry an independent woman who is redefining what it means to become a royal bride with the potential to change the world and inspire others. 

Meghan will arrive at the ceremony together with her mother, Doris. Upon arriving at the venue, she will walk herself down most of the aisle, and will be met by Prince Charles who will accompany her down the last stretch of her walk before she meets her groom at the altar. 

The couple's audiences watching the ceremony unfold from the comfort of their homes can follow the events of the day by reading the wedding's Official Order of Service that's available for download. 



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