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Meghan Markle VS. Princess Eugenie: 8 Ways Their Royal Weddings Will Be Different From Each Other

We're not being treated to just one royal wedding this year, but two!

Prince Harry is set to wed American actress Meghan Markle on May 19, while the Prince's cousin, Princess Eugenie, is expected to tie the knot with fiancé Jack Brooksbank later this year.



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Both weddings have been closely watched by adoring fans of the British royal family. They've paid attention to every single detail from the wedding venue, up to the bride's gown designer, guest list, and caterer, and with two royal weddings in the horizon, they've definitely gotten their fill!

While both weddings will adhere to royal protocol, it is expected they'll be very different from each other. Here's how:


The Overall Ceremony


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Meghan's ceremony is predicted to be more traditional as Prince Harry is sixth in line to the throne (the third, fourth, and fifth being Prince William and Kate Middleton's children) and a more active British monarch. Princess Eugenie does not fulfill royal obligations and is unlikely to take over the throne, giving her more freedom to do as she pleases at the ceremony and the reception that follows.


The Dresses


No official announcements have been made about what either bride will be wearing, but predictions state that Meghan may opt for a more modern design and the Princess, a more classically feminine look. Meghan is predicted to dazzle in a clean silhouette elevated by geometric inspirations, whereas people are guessing that lace and flowy fabrics will perfectly suit Princess Eugenie.


The Entourage


It's anyone's guess who both brides will name as their maids of honor and bridesmaids, but fans are eager to see who the ladies' entourages will include, given that both are known to have famous gal pals. Previously stating that she and Prince Harry desired a more intimate wedding, Meghan is expected to invite only her close friends (including Violet von Westenholz, the couple's cupid who introduced them) and pass on the opportunity to invite Hollywood A-listers. On the other hand, Princess Eugenie is most likely to make her sister, Princess Beatrice, her maid of honor and have singer Ellie Goulding and model Cara Delevingne up on the altar with her.


The Venue


Both royal brides are getting married in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle! The reception venues for both ceremonies have yet to be announced. Will both of them throw big parties? We'll have to wait and see, but it looks like the 27-year-old Princess is eyeing the castle's 180 foot-long St. George's Hall for post-ceremony socials.


The Wedding Dates


Mark you calendar ?? May, 19, 2018 #royalwedding #meghanmarkle #princeharry

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Meghan says "I do" in the spring, while Princess Eugenie will say the same in the autumn. But more than seasonal differences, a very special and very auspicious astrological occurence will take place on Meghan's wedding date: a significant planetary movement and two retrogrades that, when taken together, "creates the potential for greater intimacy," as said by Connecticut-based astrologist Janet Booth. She also says that it's a great date for couples who want to focus on family and always stay connected to their roots. The Princess' final wedding date has yet to be confirmed. 


The Publicity


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Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding is probably one of 2018's most anticipated events. News outlets from all over the world are definitely going to be present snapping photos and taking videos that will document the momentous occasion. While also a royal, Princess Eugenie's wedding could be untelevised and generally more low-profile than Meghan's. It is most likely to be treated like a "charming family occasion," according to British public relations consultant and commentator Richard Fitzwilliams.


The Wedding Bill


It's tradition for the bride to foot the wedding bill, more so when she is a royal! In Meghan's case, it was announced that the royal family will pick up the bill, whereas Princess Eugenie's wedding expenses will also be paid for by the royals.


The Honeymoon


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While the honeymoon goes beyond wedding preparations, it's looking like Princess Eugenie has a bigger chance of getting to enjoy wedded bliss on vacation over Meghan. The Princess isn't a full-time royal, which means she gets to go on holiday as she pleases, just like the regular Briton. Meghan, on the other hand, will have royal obligations to fill as the wife of a high-profile member of the royal family, many of which she has already joined him for. Reports have stated that the couple's calendar is already fully booked until September!