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Meghan Markle's Royal Coat Of Arms Reveals Symbolism Of Her New Identity As A Duchess—Here's What Each Element Means 

The new Duchess of Sussex has been assigned her very own coat of arms—and it's even more beautiful than we anticipated. 


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Having recently accepted her new identity as a Duchess through her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was treated to a work of art created just for her. Designed by London's College of Arms, the piece of work is none other than a royal coat of arms that will officially identify her as the Duchess of Sussex.



Likewise, Prince Harry has his own coat of arms given to him on his 18th birthday. Royal couples are also expected to receive a conjugal coat of arms a year or two after their marriage.

Ultimately, Prince Harry and Meghan are upholding the European tradition of using coats of arms to identify royalty that dates all the way back to the 12th century. 



Introducing The Duchess of Sussex’s Coat of Arms. Follow our Story to find out more.

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While all British royals have their own coat of arms, Meghan's has proven to be more unique than most as it symbolizes the union of the United Kingdom and the United States. It was said that Meghan worked very closely with Thomas Woodcock from the College of Arms as she wanted her American heritage and personal touches well-represented in the final image. 

The result is nothing short of elegant and thought-provoking. 



The most important symbolism found in the Duchess of Sussex's coat of arms are as follows: 


  • Keeping to tradition, Meghan's royal coat of arms has elements that represent her, as well as her husband. The supporters (the animals that lean on either end of the crest) symbolize her and Prince Harry. The lion is from the prince's own coat of arms, and Meghan is represented by the songbird. 


  • The songbird's crown represents Meghan's ascent to royalty. Its open break alludes to her convictions and many social advocacies. 


  • The crest's blue background is meant to be the Pacific Ocean, the open sea connected to her home state of California. The sunshine state is further represented through the two golden rays emblazoned on the shield, as well as the golden poppies at its base. 




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  • The three quills speak of the power of communication, in relation to Meghan's outspokenness. 


  • The other flowers, wintersweet blooms, are flowers that grow in her new residence at Kensington Palace. They also made an appearance on her wedding veil that featured floral embroidery that represented the 53 Commonwealth countries. 


  • The three red escallops on the lion's white collar are a tribute to the late Princess Diana. The same design appeared on her own coat of arms. 


  • Meghan was also assigned a coronet which is featured above the shield. It holds fleurs-de-lys—typical symbolism of royalty—and strawberry leaves—which many believe represent righteousness and perfection. 


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