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Metro Editors Share How They Plan To Maximize Their Time At Home During Community Quarantine

While we exert extra effort to keep safe from COVID-19, we can choose to stay positive with our outlook and perspective during these trying times

Yesterday was the official first day of our work from home setup since Metro Manila was placed under lockdown as part of our government's effort to control the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from further spreading. The more recent news item is that Malacañang has ordered "enhanced community quarantine" throughout Luzon due to the rapid increase of coronavirus cases. 

In an ANC interview, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo explained the scope of this new order, saying, "It means absolute lockdown or total lockdown. It means that all persons will be subjected to strict home quarantine, no movement and no transportation except only for frontline health workers, authorized government officials, medical or humanitarian [reasons] as well as transport of basic services and necessities... It means that we’ll have to stay at home because work will be suspended. There will be suspension of work."

For those who are now working from home, it would be great to convert all those times you used to spend in transit, stuck in traffic, going to and from work into something more meaningful and useful. Look at the brighter side of things, and choose to be happy and grateful instead, as others don't have the opportunity to work from home like you do. Use this time to improve yourself and strengthen your bond with your family. 

Below, the Metro.Style editors share how they're planning to make the most of this phase:  


Geolette Esguerra, Editor-in-Chief

"I’m taking the time to start new habits and routines that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve started a meditation and yoga routine, a writing routine, and a regular work routine as well. I also want to catch up on my reading—hopefully to finish 30 books in 30 days. I’m also trying to study more about my interests like western astrology and tarot reading. I’ve restarted some of my online classes, and I’m looking forward to going deeper into these pursuits. Of course, staying at home means spending a lot of time with family—and I’m thankful I am here in Cavite with my loved ones. I look forward to spending more time with them!"

Kate Paras-Santiago, Beauty and Health & Wellness Editor

"I plan to catch up on my reading and finish at least ONE book. That should be easy to do. Then I also plan to arrange our pantry and finally label all the jars. We have started to get back on track with our workouts but we need to follow through at home, doing online programs we paid for long ago. I also plan to finally go through my things to look for more stuff to sell or donate after the lockdown is over. I also want to find time in the day to wind down and just be quiet, to reflect on everything that has been going on in my life and in the outside world. Lastly, I plan to watch more K-dramas for feel-good vibes."

Randz Manucom, Fashion Editor

"This quarantine period, I plan to fix all personal chores I've been putting off, like, fixing my work portfolio, analyzing my taxes and accounting, making my home a more livable one, and apart from that, reaching out to family and friends I don't normally get to talk to on a regular basis. It's a time to reconnect, look inwards, and de- and re-prioritize!"

Anna Rosete, Living Editor

"To maximize my time during community quarantine, I have a routine which includes working out after I wake up, popping a vitamin, walking my dog, then I proceed to work matters. First, I make important calls and emails at the beginning of each day. I then proceed to write or attend to design matters. This usually takes up until lunch time. After lunch, I go back to writing and designing. Before the end of the day, I make important follow-up emails or calls. It's important for me to get exercise in because it gets very quiet when you are working alone at home. My energy levels need to stay up."

Troy Barrios, Food Editor

"It's a blessing to be able to work from home at this time, so I intend to make the most of it. Of course, work and life must go on, so need to stay on top of the job and still find ways to do it better, even through the challenge of the quarantine. But it's also a time to reset and spend quality time with family, with pets. My projects: (1) a 30-day cleaning/decluttering challenge that I'm calling my One Hour Cleanup (that's 30 hours total); (2) Master kimchi making and gin infusion. I might even try to make my own videos; and (3) Catch up on all the K-dramas."

Ceia Ylagan, Travel Editor

"What I plan to do during the lockdown is to catch up on work, go back to regular meditation (I’m suffering from anxiety because of the current situation), and restart my yoga practice. I’ve also started on my Bokashi project, which is part of my goal to have a zero-waste lifestyle, as well as to declutter our home. I also hope to start reading more and crochet (yes! hahahaha)."

Kat Cruz-Villanueva, Director of Style

"I think now is the best time to reset and establish better routines for the home. We’ve created a schedule to maintain some sort of normalcy in our household. My daughter has a chart of tasks/activities that she has to fill in everyday. I have been waking up each morning at the same time, squeezing in a workout before I sit down for my WFH schedule. We’ve also committed to doing one thing a day from that 'things we’ve been meaning to do' list, and we take turns doing it. So it can either be a task from my husband or my list, or a silly game from my daughter's list."

Judy Arias, Managing Editor

"I'm going to take this as an opportunity to read the books I bought from Big Bad Wolf Sale last February. Also, I plan to use this time to catch up on guitar lessons!"

Grace Libero-Cruz, People Editor

"I have been meaning to start a gratitude journal. Usually, the best time to do it is at the start of the year, but the past two months have been very stressful, so perhaps this month is still a nice way to do that especially with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak teaching us to rethink so many things about the way we live and deal with others. It's a time that encourages us to hit refresh and start anew, hoping the rest of year 2020 would turn out to be great. I also want to learn new things during this time: 1) learn the Korean language, 2) try baking, and 3) explore simple video editing techniques. My K-Drama addiction will continue, and I'm wondering how many I'd be able to finish until the end of the community quarantine. Most important of all, I want to make the most of this time to be a good mother and wife."

Lead photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash