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WATCH: Mo Twister And Angelika Schmeing Talk About Their Eight-Year Relationship And Upcoming Married Life

Mo and Angelika dive deep into their lives as a committed couple, the things that have made their love work, plus their future as husband and wife

All it took was a phone call. 

At least for radio DJs and podcast hosts Mo Twister and Angelika Schmeing whose first official meeting happened over the airwaves, that was all it took for love's wheel to turn—and turn faster and faster it did. There were no face to face meetings (not for quite some time), no handshakes, no sticky glances from across the room, only charming conversations had on-air for months where the inside jokes and laughs and answers were all real and unscripted—the groundwork of a love designed to last until the very end.

Who would've known? Who would've known that Angelika and Mo would be each other's talking companions not just for one night's show, a month, or even a year, but for the rest of their lives.

We've heard about love at first sight—but love at first sound? Apparently, that can happen, too!

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"She was probably a caller for a good maybe six months when we then first saw her come into the booth," Mo recalls, as he keeps her fingers intertwined with his. 

"I think that was because they needed someone to sit in for one of their co-hosts, and they were like, 'Okay, we just need a third person here.' And they just blurted out, 'Why not that caller Angelika?'" Angelika laughs.

She agreed, of course. 

See, Angelika had been a regular Magic 89.9 caller for months, being a huge fan of the station's ever-popular Good Times With Mo showThe people over at the station were like her fans, too; they knew she was game, she was a sport, and that she could go head to head with Mo's antics, but when they finally saw her in the flesh, they were blown away.

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"We were wowed," Mo says, with eyes widening. 

"Oh my goodness, our caller is, like, gorgeous. We already knew about her personality. I knew about her personality, so seeing her and putting beauty and brains (together), and just chemistry that we already knew we had, it was an immediate rush. You’re like, 'Wow she’s really really amazing,'" he gushes.

And while Angelika was starstruck herself, she was more amused by how Mo was a man of few words in person when he was a big, big talker on air. 

It's just the way he is, Mo laughs. He can be your friend forever, he explains, and have the most massive crush on you, but never do anything about it even when the world has ended. Torpe was the name of the game of the Mo Twister—and according to him, it's all thanks to Angelika for making the "first move," or they would have never become Mr.- and Mrs.-to-be, let alone gone on their first date. 

"There was no way in hell I [was] going to ever say anything or make the first move. So, I would say she made the first move and she did it via text message," Mo shares.

"I don't remember this," Angelika teases.

"I remember it vividly. I probably still have it on my phone," he jabs back. 

It's banter that their fans are more than familiar with. 

17 years—that's literally how long Mo would have waited until making the first move if Angelika had done nothing, he jokes. He would've been king of the friendzone if fate had other plans. 

But despite his shyness, he had other indirect ways of making his intentions known to Angelika (shy boys, take note!). Things finally had a chance to take off when Magic 89.9 made Angelika an official co-host alongside Mo, and on their last year on-air together, there was no way that either of them could deny what was unfolding. 

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"The last year of me being their co-host on the show, he would bring me coffee every morning and he didn’t used to do that. And then his text messages were sweeter. So come on!" Angelika smiles.  

There was a clincher, though, and very big one at that; Mo and Angelika had wait for as long as they did to transition from co-hosts, to close friends, to two people in love because they had met at a time when neither was available. Angelika was in a relationship, and so was Mo, which meant their admiration for each other had its limits. 

But like most things in life that are worth every second of the waiting game, their relationship was, too. 

They were friends for years. Hanging out at the mall together with friends, traveling with a group, having a blast in the booth at work—this was their relationship's bread and butter for quite a while, until the time to make things official finally came. 

"It was only after a few years when I no longer had a girlfriend and she was no longer in a relationship that it was like, 'Oh okay, we can kind of level this up.' And that’s a natural progression that we were really happy about," Mo reveals. 

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All of this brings us to today.

Eight years, going on nine—that's how long they've been together! (That's how long it's been since Mo bid the friendzone a permanent goodbye). Best of all, they're not just a couple that's crazy in love, but a family, too. They're parents to six-year-old daughter Amsterdam and 10-year-old son Luca (her son from a previous relationship), and together, they're living life to the fullest in colorful Las Vegas. 

And when you've been together for as long as they have, you're able to pick out your favorite things about living life with your partner by your side.

For Angelika, it's Mo's dependability to always make it a good time. He makes her laugh, and who doesn't want to break into a smile or a giggle every day of their lives?

"One of the other things that I really love about him is he can really lift you up at the times that you need it the most, without noticing it, and sometimes it goes past me already... But I remember from years ago how he would highlight certain skills or qualities of mine that I never really thought were good or were there or existed, and then to me it was like. 'Wow, you see me differently or you see something different about me that’s really nice,'" Angelika adds.

And to Mo, Angelika is a modern Filipina woman incarnate. To him, she is a vision of intelligence, ambition, taking charge, strength in many forms.

"I put trust in that, the strong female personality," he says. 

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But even as they near their first decade together, they acknowledge that their relationship will forever be a work in progress. The finish line doesn't exist; they know that couples need to constantly re-invest in each other, learn about each other, adjust to one other, and keep learning how to love the other person in different ways.

"There’s always going to be a new challenge within a relationship so we’re getting better at it," Angelika says.

"This probably goes for all relationships; that the person that you’re with is not supposed to mirror everything that you think, everything that you feel, everything that you understand, everything that you know. And that they are an individual, and you treat them as the individual that they are, with their strengths, weaknesses, likes, desires, dislikes and stuff, and not put yourself and smother your values and your mindset on them," Mo adds.

It's a rare moment to see Mo this reflective; but like all couples going through the COVID-19 pandemic all hunkered down at home with only each other as company, he and Angelika have been blessed with the time to reassess where they are in their relationship and what it is exactly that has worked all these years, and what needs a little tweaking here and there. 

"We both work from home. So, when we say 24/7, it truly is 24/7. We are together every second, every minute of the past eight years. That might not work for a lot of married couple. They might find that to be terrifying and it could be a marriage killer, but for us, I think it was what makes this relationship so strong," Mo continues.

And then, just this May, Mo ventured the farthest he ever did from the friendzone, from the mornings when he used to surprise Angelika with coffee, from his covertly sweet texts all those years ago. 

He proposed.

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He proposed, but still in the most torpe way possible.("I’m torpe and I can’t even in the moment of proposal be able to fight that. It is who I am, you know, accepted or not, right?" he quips). 

The plan was to have a fake caller call on his podcast, Good Times With Mo Twister. With Angelika listening in, she would entertain this fake caller's story about her live-in boyfriend stalling marriage plans for years and years.

"It's somewhat similar to her reality, though my script was really to get her angry, you know, really rile her up... If I can get her angry and come in with the proposal, we’ll get a nice roller coaster out of it, which I think could be fun" Mo explains. (Props to him for the creativity—and appetite for risk). 

"So, I planted a caller to mimic something similar to the situation we’re going through as a couple, and then we had the caller go, 'I just want my boyfriend to say, 'Angelika, will you take Mo with this ring and be his wife?' Or whatever it was," Mo smiles.

" You don’t even remember," Angelika giggles.

And what a surge of emotions it was for her.

Mo was right; he would catch her off-guard, and give her a moment to remember. 

But what their equally shocked listeners didn't know was that at the time of this proposal, Angelika and her family were mourning the loss of her brother who had passed from COVID-19. Talk about one way Mo gave his bride-to-be something to smile about in spite of everything. 

"COVID-19 for us isn’t a fun time... it has been truly, truly a horrific experience and I think it’s going to change our lives forever but it will strengthen our relationship," Mo says.

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With eight years behind them, Angelika and Mo aren't looking to prolong their engagement.

Their "I dos" are coming sooner than later, something Amsterdam and Lucas are probably more excited about that than they are. (There's also the fact that they've run out of answers to give them when they ask why mom and dad aren't married yet).

"We’ve never really treated our relationship as if we weren’t married. We always addressed each other as husband and wife, and even if we’re not officially on paper married, we just treated our relationship as any married couple would or should," she says.

Marriage—who would have thought that that was where Angelika's guest calls would lead to?

"I am as enthused of this relationship as I’ve been from day one. That’s me. And I ask me to maybe remind yourself of the things you like about me when you first met me and hopefully that will carry over as we get through the years," Mo says to Angelika, trying his best to rid himself of the shyness that has veiled their relationship's key moments. 

"I’m saying as we move into year 8, year 9, year 10, I try to hold on to year 1 as much as possible and make that a reality even today... Yes, we are going to grow and all of you will grow as your relationship matures, but if I can go back to it, hold onto them in year 25 like you did in year 1 then I think you’re going to be pretty good," he ends.

When it's in the stars, sometimes katorpehan can lead to something great, too.

Watch Mo and Angelika's Metro in Love episode below:

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