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Metro Safe & Sound: Celebrate Easter Sunday At Home With Jamie Rivera

The singer, who's well known and well loved for her inspirational hits, will share her gift of music in observance of Holy Week in the midst of a pandemic

This year, as the COVID-19 pandemic wages around the world, Catholics will have to observe Holy Week quite differently. No longer can we head out of town to be with our families in the province, or take trips to seven different churches as part of Visita Iglesia. Because of Luzon’s enhanced community quarantine, we will have to rely on virtual and online forms of Holy Week traditions.

One such activity is to watch Jamie Rivera sing as part of “Metro Safe & Sound: The Unplugged Music Video Series,” an initiative under Pantawid ng Pag-Ibig, a campaign launched by ABS-CBN to help poverty-stricken families and those suffering the most because of the threat of COVID-19. Jamie will be performing on Easter Sunday.

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Over the past two decades, Jamie has become one of the most iconic figures of the gospel OPM genre. She’s known for her soothing, beautiful renditions of songs like “Tell the World of His Love” and “Jubilee Song,” and has consistently performed for church leaders during their visits to the Philippines.

The accomplished artist has sung for Pope John Paul II and has met Pope Francis during their visits to the country. Jamie has also played the role of Kim in "Miss Saigon" on the West End stage in London. Since the beginning of her career in 1987, she has released over 10 studio albums, five compilation albums, and more than 20 singles. 

Recently, she was seen in "Bayanihan, Musikahan" and the "We Heal as One" music video, two initiatives helping to raise funds for frontliners and those most vulnerable against COVID-19. 

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Know more about what she’s been up to lately and what she has to say to her fellow countrymen in this interview:

How have you been spending your time under quarantine?  

"I’ve been busy doing videos of me singing my inspirational songs and doing live singing for different fundraisers such as:

- 'Bayanihan, Musikahan' to help the urban communities in Metro Manila that are affected by the community quarantine. They are also raising funds to buy PPEs for the frontliners.  

- We are also raising funds for live events production workers because there are no live shows and concerts at the moment.

- I was also part of the 'We Heal as One' video (originally 'Win as One,' the theme song for the SEA Games 2019). Director Floy Quintos rewrote the lyrics so it would be appropriate for the current crisis.

- I also participated in the song 'Bayani ng Mundo,' composed by Vehnee Saturno to pay tribute to the frontliners of the world."

What has this experience so far taught you about life, love, friendships/relationships, and/or self-love?

"That life is short so we should let our loved ones know how much we love them. Spend time with your family. Call friends and people who made a difference in your life. Be generous in helping others because whatever blessing you receive from God, He is expecting us to share it with others especially to those in need. To never under estimate the power of prayer because God is in control.  

If there is one song that could encapsulate how you feel about this ongoing crisis, what would it be and why?

"'Heal Our Land,' because that is what we need right now. And if only we would humble ourselves and pray and admit that we need God, He can heal our nation. He can heal our land."   

Among all the COVID-19 news items or articles you have read, what touched you the most?

"When I see the Filipinos from every sector of society helping and doing their part to help our frontliners. It makes me proud that I am a Filipino and I can see hope through these acts of kindness and cooperation."

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How do you usually celebrate Holy Week? 

"I observe Lent by going to several churches for Visita Iglesia, praying the Stations of the Cross and hearing mass on Maundy Thursday for the washing of the feet, listening to the Seven Last Words on Good Friday, and celebrating Easter by hearing mass. [Now that we're under quarantine] I can still do the same except Visita Iglesia; all others, I can go online for it."    

What is your message of inspiration to all Filipinos during these trying times?

"This too will pass. Never lose hope and always have faith in the Lord that He will never forsake us and He will see us through." 

Watch Jamie Rivera's performances for Metro's Safe & Sound Holy Week Series on Easter Sunday, April 12, 4.p.m. on Metro Channel and Metro.Style YouTube channel.

Lead photo courtesy of Jamie Rivera | Special thanks to Ming Tinana