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#MetroSocietyMostInfluential: The Changemakers




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These individuals strive to create change through social media. With their strong dedication to their causes, they push for national development.


Grace Poe


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Facebook: 3.4M

Twitter: 109k


Senator Grace Poe, who ran for President in the last election, has been in the senate since 2013, and continues to fight for what is right. As a government official, she works to deliver on her promise to push for freedom of information, boost the agricultural sector, fight for women’s rights and privileges in the workforce, among others. Her followers on social media are witnesses to her daily grind as a public servant, letting people in on the information they need to knowstraight facts, civil liberties, and enlightenment to some of the issues faced by our country.


Gina Lopez


Facebook: 562K

Twitter: 31.1K


Despite the setback she faced a year ago in her bid to be appointed as DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) Secretary, Gina’s passion for protecting the environment and helping the Filipino people has never waned. Gina is an environmentalist and philanthropist who has done so much more for this country than what she is most currently remembered for, which is to stand firm against irresponsible mining that landed her in the news on a regular basis for much of 2017. She spearheaded corporate social responsibility projects for the environment and for marginalized communities as Managing Director of ABS-CBN Foundation. She established the child rescue and protection media based hotline Bantay Bata 163, which was acknowledged as the United Nations Grand Awardee for Excellence.


Sonny Angara


Facebook: 1M

Twitter: 108K

Instagram: 59.8K


Passion for public service as a government official may run in his family, but his hard work and dedication are what led him to where he is now. Senator Sonny Angara’s advocacy in implementing tax regulations and social justices, among others, is geared towards the betterment of the Philippines. He remains to be one of the most trusted public servants in the country today, and it’s not surprising why. Apart from being a senator, his influence goes beyond the political realm. Case in point: he regularly posts on Instagram about how #itsmorefuninthephilippines with photos from his various trips, and he supports local goods and promotes Filipino-made products. With more than a hundred thousand followers on Twitter, people are also eager to see what this public servant’s thoughts on different issues are.


Elizabeth Angsioco


Twitter: 13.2K


In today’s world where people are quick to judge based on non-conformist standards of the society such as gender preferences, progressive agenda, and religious choices, Elizabeth Angsioco stands out. A feminist, a staunch reproductive health advocate, head of the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines, and an LGBT activist, she’s a firm believer of equality. Passionately sharing her views on parity in the Philippines, Elizabeth sets a bold example in the society when it comes to voicing out your opinions and making them heard. On social media, she never fails to share her views and support causes that she knows will make an impact to the public.


Alex Eduque


Instagram: 5,831


She may be the youngest on this list, but this just proves that age is just a number. She first became a recognizable face and name at age 19, after founding Habitat for Humanity Youth Council. Two years later, she made her own terrain in MovEd, an organization that provides early education to marginalized communities. With her local and international recognitions, there’s no denying that the 27-year-old social mover is changemaker, sharing her experiences and views through her advocacies and media columns that allow her to extend her influence, especially to the younger generation. With everything on her plate right now, it’s expected that she’s set for bigger roles in the future that’s shining brightly ahead of her.


*Figures are as of February 20, 2018


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Photos courtesy of Metro Society