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#MetroSocietyBestDressedMen – Anton del Rosario Is Philippines’ Kanye "East"


Football player-turned-startup CEO Anton del Rosario credits his style sojourn to two factors. First is his girlfriend, Sam Richelle. “Samantha has a lot of influence on what I wear. She got me more into fashion, to care (about) what I wear. Once I started dating her, I got more interested in fashion and it became a little hobby of mine. I gotta blame her for all the money I spend on my clothes.”

Second is a pair of sneakers, specifically a pair of all-white Air Max 95s (“One of my favorite shoes!”) that he found on sale at the Nike website in 2010. “That started my whole sneaker craze, and my sneaker craze is when I started being more conscious with what I was wearing.”

Lately, Anton’s professional life has been compartmentalized into sports and tech. He’s organized a Seven A Side Football League that plays every Monday at BGC, and has come up with his own app, Laro, which has been described as "Tinder for sports." “It’s all about going on the app and searching for games nearest you. And if you can’t find one that matches your interests, you’d be able to create it and... anybody else on the app to be able to go out there and join,” he explains.

As an athlete and hip hop enthusiast, Anton’s default has always been baggy clothes, but he has been known to dress up when the occasion calls for it. “I love joggers and a baggy T-shirt. It’s comfortable and at the same time, you dress it up, make it look stylish. One of the key things that I like to include in my wardrobe are shoes. I’m a shoe freak. I’ve got like 200 pairs of shoes in the house. I try to choose my shoes first and adjust my outfit to my shoes,” he says.

“You’ll see me all day in active wear if it’s a Monday because I’ll be running around getting ready for the games. But when it’s meetings for Laro, I’ll keep it casual... Even when I’m going into meetings, I like to keep it a little active because it shows that hey, this is what my app is about. I don’t want to come in a suit and I’ll be talking about sports the whole time... But when it comes to going out at night or going out to dinner or even... to the movie theater, I’ll still get a little dressed up. I’ll put on some jeans... a pair of nice shoes and maybe a hoodie or something like that.”


“Anton may be an athlete but he sure knows how to dress outside the field, and he does it with impeccable taste to match!” – Kate Paras, fashion editor of Metro titles and editor-in-chief of Metro Weddings


Anton has learned a lot about style since discovering his interest in fashion. For him, style is “being who you are and using that freedom. Freedom is a good word for it. Fashion, I don’t believe there are any boundaries. The more you run away with it, the more fashionable you become. I sort of learned that along the lines. Before, I used to be like, ‘What the hell is that guy wearing?’ Now, these days, you see somebody wearing something out of this world it’s just like, wow, that’s pretty crazy. It’s cool. It’s crazy-cool instead of like, ‘You look very weird.’ The more out of the box people get when it comes to fashion sense and the more freedom they use, I think the more fashionable they become. That’s why I think anybody in the world can be fashionable as long as they come out of the box and wear what they want to wear and do what they want to do.”

So when we look at Anton, what comes to mind is “the urban vibe of Kanye and Drake meeting the athlete and fashion jock elements of Russell Westbrook,” says ABS-CBN Sales Consultant Philip Cu-Unjieng. “So, it’s a Kanye ‘East’ look that Anton pulls off with panache; street cred, while fashion forward.”



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Text by Yvette Tan | Photographs by JP Dioquino | Grooming by Patrick Alcober | Shot on location at Shangri-La The Fort