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The #MetroSocietyBestDressedMen Mean Business—And They Suit Up For The Job


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Attitude, confidence, character—the Metro Society Best Dressed Men are the men to look up to and to look out for when it comes to unequaled style.

You can ask around or look it up, but it is a proven fact that a great suit can make any man look sexy. From the Street Smart guys, here are the next 12 on the #MetroSocietyBestDressedMen list who can harness the power of a well-tailored suit: the Business Savvy.

These men are at the top of their fields—and of their suit game. Their standout qualities go above and beyond the make or brand of the ensemble. It’s the personal flair, personalized touches, and most importantly, the knowledge of how to wear the suit that makes the difference.


STYLE TIPS: In a suit, fit is everything. Avoid the shoulder divot and make sure the suit hugs your shoulders. Loose pants are a big no no, too! For the perfect fit and hang, leave the bottom button of your jacket open. And when accenting with a pocket square, make sure the color contrasts with the color of your suit. How about socks? Never white!



Chucho Martinez

Chucho breathes and lives golf. Not only has he been playing professional golf for three decades now; he is also the distributor of golf accessories and paraphernalia. Evident in his style is the casual and athletic nature of his hobby, as he prefers to be dressed casually in button-down shirts and trousers. But when he dresses formal, boy does he look sharp! The way he would carry a suit is the way any guy should—smart, comfortable, and fine.



Justin Pitt

Ever since his marriage to Cristalle Belo, Justin has been enjoying his new life in the Philippines. He has brought his discerning Australian taste to this tropical island, and has since been seen enjoying the country through various travels with his wife. His wardrobe staples are blue or white shirts, but his way of donning a suit or a tuxedo is exceptional.



Mikee Romero

The same way that Mikee dons many hats—he is a politician, a polo player, and the owner of PBA team Global Port—his style also takes on many facets, too. He would often be seen in a classic Barong Tagalog when he’s running congressman duties, in a polo uniform when he’s out playing, or a comfortable button-down shirt that highlights his physique. But there’s no arguing when he is in a suit, which he chooses to wear with an unbuttoned polo shirt inside—it’s comfortable and formal at the same time!



Christian Gonzalez

As the Senior VP and Head of the Asia-Pacific region of the International Container Terminal Services Inc (ICTSI), Christian is more than a force to be reckoned with in the container terminal services industry. He also has a fun and laid-back side beside his beautiful and stylish wife, Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez, evident in his choices of outfits—especially when he dons his usual suit jackets.



Kevin Tan

Son to business magnate Andrew Tan, Kevin is the heir apparent to the Megaworld empire—and boy does he dress for the job. Although formal wear is what’s expected from Andrew’s everyday get-up, he is not afraid to flaunt his youthful side with bright shirts and well-fitting suits.



Kenneth Yang

Behind the success of fast food giant McDonald’s in the Philippines is Kenneth Yang, who is not afraid to embody the youthfulness and energy of his brand to his style with bright-colored shirts and light fabrics. But when it comes to dressing up for an event or for a board meeting, expect Kenneth to come in well-fitting tuxes or suits.



Sonny Angara

Sen. Sonny Angara is currently the Chair of the Philippine Senate Local Government Committee, but he doesn’t let his everyday uniform stunt his style. While his wife Tootsy can take more fashion risks, Angara stays on the safe side, opting for slim silhouettes, Barong Tagalogs, and sharp suits that command respect for the statesman that he is.



Ferdi Salvador

Ferdi is truly an expert on all things upscale, one of the go-to party planners and organizers in the metro. And true to his work’s nature is his style—making a statement whatever he wear and wherever he goes. This is why you can easily spot him in a crowd. He’s the man in a double-breasted suit jacket, or a button-down shirt in an eye-catching hue, or the one who looks comfortable in a pair of suspenders.



Jason Qua

One of the guys that complete the Signet brand is Jason Qua, who embodies the Neapolitan tailoring that Signet brought to the country. Neapolitan tailoring is all about providing comfort and coolness to a sharp-looking suit—and that’s exactly the kind of style that Jason brings: clean lines and solid colors, tempered with breathable fabrics and bold ties.



Mark Gorriceta

You won’t be seeing Mark Gorriceta in one of those short-sleeved barongs that lawyers would often wear, as he would always opt for the more western suit-and-tie combo. As one of the managing partners at Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra law firm, he’s one well-dressed lawyer who isn’t shy to break the mold, sometimes by donning a nice, bright tie to give his outfit a lift.



Mike Toledo

From working as a press secretary for the president, anchoring a public service program, to now serving as the Vice President for Corporate Affairs of Philex Mining Corporation, Mike is always all business and turns any suit he wears into a power suit. While he does get some downtime and dons golf shirts for a few tee offs, he prefers his suits, in dark hues, above all else. He chooses to not veer away much from the classic blacks and blues, and it works well on him.



Simon Heo

As the head of the premier marine recruitment and crew management agency Eagle Star, Simon Heo is always dressed appropriately. Not one to steer away from what works for him, Simon is oftentimes seen in blues, creams, or grays. His profession is evident in his manner of dressing, making him look like he means business, no matter where he is.


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Photo Credits: Chucho Martinez - JC Inocian for Metro Society; Justin Pitt - Jinggo montenejo for Metro Society; Christian Gonzalez - @stephkienlegonzalez; Kevin Tan - @kevintan_; Kenneth Yang - JC Inocian for Metro Society; Sonny Angara - JC Inocian for Metro Society; Ferdi - @ferdisalvador; Jason Qua - Dookie Ducay for Metro Society; Mark Gorriceta - JC Inocian for Metro Society; Mike Toledo - JC Inocian for Metro Society; Simon Heo - JC Inocian for Metro Society