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These #MetroSocietyBestDressedMen Are The Epitome Of The Dapper Gentleman


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More than just men who wear nice clothes, Metro Society’s Best Dressed Men are those who have created and defined their own unequaled style.

Now that we’ve seen the Casual Gents—those who’ve perfectly married fashion and function in their smart casual style—let’s zoom in on the 10 men who never disappoint when they go into Bespoke Mode. These are the men who know how to clean up for the occasion.

Anyone can look good in a suit and leather shoes, but these gentlemen men go beyond what’s tried and tested. While dapper dressing revolves around a man's blazer of choice, they know it’s just as much about the details. Cuff links, pocket squares, quirky socks, and stylish watches—trust these men to educate you on how much adding a simple touch can elevate a classic look. Bespoke is their second language, and their perfectly tailored suits reminds us that fashion is a two-way street: they look good in their clothes, and they make their clothes look just as good.

These are the men who fully appreciate the superior quality of a bespoke suit and the value of the special details that sets them apart from the rest.

Style tips from the Dapper Gents:

1. Bespoke is the way to go. If you thought you looked good in your off-the-rack suit, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. There’s nothing like a suit tailored from scratch, just for you.
2. Your blazers are your best friends. Basic, patterned, and textured, this style piece is the first thing people will take notice of, so it’s time to stock up!
3. Don’t settle for mediocre. The rule is simple: never match your pocket square with your tie.



John Lloyd Cruz

The actor may be off duty as of the moment, but when he does choose to make an appearance, he always causes quite a stir. The way he wears his button-downs and suits are never on the safe side anymore—and it shows that the matinee idol is shedding his good boy image and is finally coming into terms with his own style.



Jericho Rosales

Jericho Rosales’ humble beginnings started with him dressing up in borrowed clothes that were a few sizes too big for him. He recalls that he opted to splurge on colognes during his first paychecks as an actor. Nowadays, as an established actor, singer, and songwriter, he pairs his youthful good looks with an ageless, timeless wardrobe that’s hip yet befitting of his celebrity status.



Arthur Burnand

Nico Bolzico once mentioned in an Instagram post that it was only Arthur in the entire photo that looked comfortable in a tux—and he surely did. While Arthur may not be as comfortable in the limelight as his wife, Georgina Wilson, he is most in his element when he is in one of his modern and bespoke suits. He charms like the quintessential gentleman—no doubt, Georgina would agree.



Ipe Cruz

Ipe Cruz is hardly seen in public not wearing a suit, but when he is, he’s in his usual three-piece suit, either in blue or black topped with his half-moon eyeglasses. But this isn’t to say that he doesn’t break out the more interesting pieces in his wardrobe once in a while—sometimes he brings out a gray suit, a colorful button-down shirt, or a scarf to liven things up.



Tim Yap

Whether it’s hosting events, handling product launches and fashion shows, or just straight-up looking good, Tim’s name surely is at the top of the list. A man of fashion, he is not one to shy away from being trendy and fashion-forward. You can’t miss his style from a mile away, whether he’s sporting the loudest suit jacket in a sea of blacks or grays, or wearing the wildest hair color that matches his style choice for the night.



Adrien Semblat

Even if he’s the country manager of one of the biggest sports brands in the world, Adrien Semblat isn’t known to wear the brand he works with from head to toe. Instead, the athlete and outdoorsman seamlessly wears athleisure and tailored suits—and with the greatest of ease. 



Robby Carmona

Robby has indeed become one of the icons of fashion in the country. As the CEO and Managing Director of one of the Philippine’s pioneer events management agencies, Robby makes sure he is as stylish as the runway shows and events he directs. Always dressed for the occasion, and he enjoys bringing out the vibrant colors, loud prints, and fun combinations that only he can pull off.



Matteo Guidicelli

Actor and singer Matteo Guidicelli is not just all eye-candy; he works hard for the physique that he has. The Filipino-Italian has always embraced his athletic side, having been a karting driver in his teens, and now an active triathlete. While he’s oftentimes seen ready to race or in easy casual clothes, when he dresses up, he cleans up well and isn’t shy to bring out the colorful suits, loud printed shirts, and trucker hats.



Richard Gutierrez

Richard hasn’t veered away much from his usual look ever since he started in show business. The other half of the Gutierrez twins, Richard is a simple dresser, oftentimes seen in a nice pair of pants, shirt, jacket, and sneakers—simple and basic, but never boring. The fit is always perfect on him, never sloppy, with just the right accessory to make things interesting.



Daniel Padilla

He may have entered the scene as a longhaired, Justin Bieber-ish singer, but as he’s grown up in the public eye, Daniel Padilla has refined his sense of style and took his place as one of primetime’s most sought-after actors. Never without a pair of sunglasses, Daniel Padilla isn’t afraid to stand out in the crowd and take chances—who can forget when he wore that velvet suit and brought a cane to the Star Magic Ball?


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Photo credits: John Lloyd Cruz - Milo Sogueco for Metro Society; Jericho Rosales - @jerichorosalesofficial; Arthur Burnand - @ritzo; Ipe Cruz - Daniel Soriano for Metro Society; Tim Yap - JC Inocian for Metro Society; Daniel Padilla - @supremo_dp; Adrien Semblat - @adriensemblat; Richard Gutierrez - @richardgutz; Robby Carmona - JC Inocian for Metro Society; Matteo Guidicelli - Paolo Pineda for Metro Society