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#MetroSocietyBestDressedMen – Dr. Z Teo Is A Doctor Of Beauty And Style

“Guys are generally very safe, and I think in this era, being too safe does not make you stand out. I think you have to bring in a bit more color, a bit more design, not to worry too much if this top matches that bottom or this thing matches that shoe because when you put things together and be confident about it and people see that you’re confident wearing it, it becomes fashionable, not weird.” In his own words, this is what Dr. Z Teo says about his style.

While the doctor is known for his trendy and bold outfits, he actually prefers to keep things casual. “In this climate, you really need to be casual and relaxed so that you can function,” he says. “I really like very nice designed T-shirts with joggers or cool jeans... I like sneakers of different colors and designs because I feel that they help you walk comfortably, and if you walk comfortably, you do things faster.”


"Dr. Z sure knows how to make an entrance in trendy yet statement-making separates, making for a fashion moment every single day." – Kate Paras, fashion editor of Metro titles and editor-in-chief of Metro Weddings


Just like his wife, Dr. Aivee Teo, he likes to accessorize, as long as they don’t get in the way of his work. “Right now, I’m into pins. I like badges of different animals or military badges that you can just snap on a T-shirt or jacket and it looks cool. In terms of jewelry, I don’t really like to wear bangles because I’m working so it kind of gets in the way, so the only accessory I have is my wedding ring and a nice watch,” he says. “Like all guys, we do like our watches. I have different types of watches for different occasions. My favorites would probably be the IWC and the Chopard. I like them looking a little bit dressy but still casual. If you notice the way I am, I’m a mix of looking a little bit dressy but still casual, comfortable. I don’t like anything too tight, I don’t like anything too hot. I just like things to fall nicely and just be relaxed.”

Celebrity stylist Rex Atienza says, "Z is one of my favorite doctors. Not only he is good at what he does, he is also one of the few stylish men I know. His style is young and up to date, but not over the top, very clean and sophisticated. There is always a hint of youngness—from his hairstyle, fashion brands, and clothing. Overall, Z carries himself well, making his inclusion in the Best Dressed list of Metro Society well deserved.”



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Text by Yvette Tan | Photographs by JP Dioquino | Grooming by Patrick Alcober | Shot on location at Shangri-La The Fort