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#MetroSocietyBestDressedMen – Raul Francisco Drills The Importance Of Confidence And Grooming


Businessman Raul Francisco describes his schedule as “really crazy busy.” Aside from Eterno, Carbon, and Tint, the retail stores he and his wife Joanna Preysler run, the couple also put up art spaces Provenance at Shangri-La Fort and Othello in Rockwell. But no matter what Raul is up to, one thing is for sure—you can bet that he’ll be impeccably dressed for the occasion. “I keep it pretty classic, although I do add a twist here and there to make it more interesting. I think it’s the little details that you layer with your clothes that actually speak volumes of how you jazz up your look,” he says.

Raul has always made it a point to dress well. “My parents always said, ‘You don’t have to wear designer clothes as long as you put yourself together well and be original and make it your own.’ I think that stuck with me at an early age and as you evolve, you start trying different things.”

He credits his time in the US for allowing him to experiment fashion-wise. “I was in the States in the ’80s... Everything was over the top with the big hair, padded shoulders, leather pants, Armani jackets, and oversized shirts—you sort of hone your style over the years. I don’t think you can really have style until you try different things.”

Those years of maturity have indeed come out in his style, says Philip Cu-Unjieng, ABS-CBN Sales Consultant. “Raul is the original urban sophisticate; he’s developed a very personal sense of style over the decades, and wears it like his second skin. It’s relaxed, it’s up to date, but never looks forced or just done following trends."

And after all those experimentations, one of his biggest learnings in fashion is that the most important component of one’s style is confidence.

“People say, ‘How can you wear that without any socks? How can you do this?’ But they see me and they say, ‘Pwede pala,’” he says. “Everybody has their own expression, their own individuality, their own take on things. I appreciate individuals who really put things together well and who are a little bit courageous to try new things regardless of age. I think we put too much emphasis on ‘you’re this age so you should dress this way,’ but I think you have to be confident enough to have to carry it, as long as it’s not over the top or trying to draw too much attention to yourself,” he says.


“Raul can pull off the current menswear trends without ever looking like a fashion victim; he is always distinctly himself.” – Anton Barretto, editor-in-chief of Metro Home & Entertaining magazine and TV host at Metro Channel


But one thing that many people miss when it comes to their style is grooming. “I think grooming is important…You may have the most expensive outfit or accessories, but I think if you don’t really take care of your grooming, then it doesn’t come together,” Raul says.

Celebrity stylist Rex Atienza agrees, and says, “Raul is such a snappy dresser, and not at all boring. He commands that slick and sleek style and balances off with his great personality. His face matches his outfits all the time. He always maintains a good haircut, consistent with his fashion choices, and always photo ready.”

“Grooming and manners are really important. It’s all part of the package. You can just have a really simple outfit but if you’re put together well and you smell good and have great manners, I think that’s really cool,” says Raul, spoken like a true stylish gentleman.



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Text by Yvette Tan | Photographs by JP Dioquino | Grooming by Patrick Alcober | Shot on location at Shangri-La The Fort