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#MetroSocietyBestDressedMen – Rick Yupangco And How Much A Man Can Love His Watches


When in doubt, go for the suit. Rick Yupangco’s usual daily attire doesn’t change much, but he puts thought into it. “When I’m really psyched for the following day, I lay out my clothes the night before.” But without those special occasions, Rick decides to stick to what he knows. “I can’t go in there wearing loud stuff, so it’s usually slacks, a shirt, and a suit—a nice blazer or suit jacket would do. Lately, for some reason, I’ve been wearing a shirt and tie to the office.”

“Rick is clearly no-nonsense when it comes to dressing: A classic suit here, a crisp shirt there, well-tailored trousers on most occasions,” says Kate Paras, fashion editor of Metro titles and editor-in-chief of Metro Weddings. “One thing he's good at? Injecting an unexpected detail like a nice watch or a pair of statement shoes!”

For Rick, his weapon choice are watches—and the best pieces are gifts from his wife, Juana. Juana laughs as she recalls how he went back for his watch collection during a fire scare in their apartment building. “We got the kids, the yayas, and we were the first one out,” she says. “He goes, go go, I’ll follow you. So I thought he was getting important stuff, like passports, car keys—he got his watch collection!”

Rick says he is also lucky to have his wife to help him out. “Juana has a good sense of color. She encourages me to put things on, to try it. Sometimes I don’t feel comfortable, but since I trust her, I would go with it. My sense of color is very conservative—blues, grays—she brings in different colors that I never thought I would wear.”


“Rick’s look is classic corporate, where timeless is more than just an adjective. He lives it and breathes it, so it doesn’t look like he’s a mere follower of fashion. Subdued yet elegant, Rick has the same vibe when dressing down.” – Philip Cu-Unjieng, ABS-CBN Sales Consultant


His wardrobe may be growing, but Yupangco says that his sense of style has remained pretty consistent throughout the years. “But, I think it’s evolved when I was encouraged to try different colors and patterns. So instead of a white handkerchief or pocket square, it will be something that’s maybe louder, maybe silk instead of white linen. I’ve always been a suit or blazer kind of guy, with trousers or slacks. I think it’s evolving in the types of fabrics I use and in the patterns I try on. When you know that something makes you feel good and it fits well, it gives you a certain sense of confidence, and that’s great."



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Text by Maita de Jesus | Photographs by Doc Marlon Pecjo | Grooming by Cats del Rosario | Styling by Dane Barroso, Princess Villones, and Jowi Guzman of styleList inc. | Shot on location at Discovery Primea