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#MetroSocietyBestDressedMen – Signet’s Kelly See Brings Back The Charm Of Pieces From A Bygone Era


Kelly See named his gentleman’s shop, Signet, after the signet ring. It is a piece that fulfills a practical purpose: marking one’s family line, and it is usually made from precious metals. It is one of the most valuable items a gentleman could have. This is the story behind his brand, Signet, and how it has become a purveyor of specialized men’s clothing and sartorial accoutrements; it has become a way for a man to express his individuality.

“Kelly See is one who understands the power of style,” says Raul Manzano, editor-in-chief of Metro Society and host of Metro Channel show EIC on The Move.

Indeed, the founder and owner dresses in a distinctive and jaunty manner, unafraid of standing out. He chose to don a woven white hat for the shoot, and wore it quite casually, the way most men would wear a baseball cap. He finds inspiration from old movies and such legendary men of style as the Duke of Windsor and General Douglas McArthur, saying, “Style creates an atmosphere.”

He says that his interest in all things sartorial began at an early age. “Even when I was younger, I always believed in dressing appropriately.” But as much as he loves being in style, there are some looks that he knows he should let pass. “I don't think I could pull off that American workman look!” He admits that he has been told that he “looks too neat,” but he does appreciate that his style has been characterized as a “double-edged sword.”

With sartorial excellence at his beck and call, nothing excites him more than anticipating the arrival of a new bespoke suit. When he has to name a most covetable item currently in stock in the shop, without hesitation he says, “A snakeskin safari jacket.”


“Leave power suit dressing to Kelly See, who seems to make every day a chance to rock a major outfit.” – Kate Paras, fashion editor of Metro titles and editor-in-chief of Metro Weddings


Kanye West’s stylist and the fashion provocateur behind street brand Off White, Virgil Abloh once said of his work: “(It is) a recording system for what I believe is positivity, open mindedness, empowerment, and breaking down stereotypes.” So when asked what stereotypes he would like to break down, Kelly thinks for a few moments and intones, “That wearing jackets every day is boring.” With his conviction and confidence in his own unerring taste, boring is certainly one word never to be applied to Kelly See’s style.



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Text by Leah Puyat | Photographs by Doc Marlon Pecjo | Grooming by Cats del Rosario | Styling by Dane Barroso, Princess Villones, and Jowi Guzman of styleList inc. | Shot on location at Discovery Primea