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The #MetroSocietyBestDressedMen And How They Rock Smart Casual Wear


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The Metro Society Best Dressed Men are the men whose trademark style is elegant and confident dressing, paired with refined taste.

We have seen the men from the Business Savvy, those who have mastered the art of looking polished. We now tame their straight-up style and see the next 8 on the #MetroSocietyBestDressedMen list: the Casual Gents.

The smart casual look can be tricky to execute. It is the most vaguely defined style that straddles a fine line between looking over or underdressed. They say when in doubt, play it smart and keep it safe, which is somewhere in the middle. These casual gents have mastered the delicate balance of looking effortlessly well put together, whether they planned to dress up or dress down. It’s really all about appreciating what works for your personal style and what can work for both work and play.

The most important part is to never look like you tried too hard.


STYLE TIPS: Baggy will look sloppy, so go for the slim fit. Swap your $150 Nikes for a pair of versatile dress shoes or boots, dispense with the distressed denim, and keep your hair and beard trimmed and clean—grooming is part of your style, too!



Nico Bolzico

Businessman, online celebrity, and husband to Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico is as casual as casual could get. If he chooses to wear a shirt for the day, we see the charming guy in plain shirts and shorts. But perhaps that’s part of his charm; he wears whatever, doesn’t give a damn, and he looks good doing it. 



Tom Sing

One of the figures behind the Signet brand is Tom Sing, who is a firm believer of dressing to the nines. While he can totally rock a nice and dapper suit, he is not afraid to mix things up and experiment with clothes when he is out with his family or when he’s traveling. His classic but contemporary style is evident in his light choices for travel wear and his creativity shows in the way he looks at things through his photographs.



Joshua Garcia

Love team partner and boyfriend to Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia is coming to terms with his newfound A-lister celebrity status—and with it comes becoming more aware of how he is seen by the public. Following the footsteps of matinee idols before him, Joshua is oftentimes seen in safe, comfortable choices, such as basic tees and jackets, but it isn’t to say that he’s not comfortable in more stylish choices, such as a well-fitting suit or a wide-brimmed hat. 



Rocky David

A business guy with an artistic side, Rocky makes sure he marries the classic and creative aesthetics of his two worlds in his style. When he is not in his basic black shirts, the lover of the arts breaks the mold once in a while with a button-down shirt with interesting patterns, paired with slim pants that are rolled up, making his outfits as interesting conversation pieces just like the art he collects.



Jose Fores

Being the son of Joe Fores, Jose Fores is easily influenced by his roots. He’s learning his style, figuring out how to balance his youth with more classic pieces—we’re looking forward to seeing him come into his own. 



Victor Basa

Victor Basa is most known for his stints as a model, actor, and host. Now, he is also tapping into his natural and softer side with his new planterior business, Happy Plant Co. Even though Victor is now expanding outside the modeling world, he still manages to look as good as when he’s on the runway or on a billboard. His boyish good looks and fit body can make transitioning from casual to formal wear no problem at all.



Rajo Laurel

In the world of fashion, Rajo Laurel’s name has been a household name for years. He is known to be the favorite of many of Manila’s well-dressed men and women, so it’s no wonder that he’s stylish all on his own. Rajo enjoys dressing in his polo shirts more often than not, but you can be sure that he will steal the spotlight when he heads out in one of his suits.



Erwan Heussaff

Erwan Heussaff is one of the guys who can wear anything, and look really good in it. From athleisure to Cuban polos, he wears what he feels and pulls it off effortlessly. The blogger, foodie, and all-around busybody is usually seen in his signature eyewear, in a casual button-down shirt, and a good pair of trousers. It shows his laidback personality to the T.


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Photo credits: Nico Bolzico - JC Inocian for Metro Society; Tom Sing - Dookie Ducay for Metro Society; Joshua Garcia - Dookie Ducay for Metro ; Rocky David - Cholo dela Vega for Metro Society; Jose Fores - @josefores14; Victor Basa - @victorbasa; Rajo Laurel - JC Inocian for Metro Society; Erwan Heussaff - @erwan