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These #MetroSocietyBestDressedMen Are The Masters Of Sports Luxe And Street Style


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It's an exciting time for men's fashion. Now more than ever, we're seeing men level up their style game.

Metro Society curated a list of 50 men who have elevated men’s fashion in the country. But more than just looks and trendy clothes, these are men who have displayed attitude, confidence, impeccable taste, and great personal style.

Our top 50 have it all. Here, we group them according to the looks that we love best: the Street Style, Business Savvy, Casual Gents, and Bespoke Mode.

We launch our top 50 with 10 men who embody the spirit of street-smart dressing, a style that is somewhat hard to define since it is used to label a variety of casual trends. This look brings a luxe touch to the literal and sporty wear, since it was picked up by high-end fashion houses and brands. Regardless of how they wear it, the men who rock this style can take a basic tee from day to night, and casual to dressy, just by adding a few details and lots of attitude.

STYLE TIPS: Keep your trainers squeaky clean, as if they are always straight out of the box. This is also the only time you can go with oversized tees and pants—big and baggy is best! Don’t be afraid to love the logos, and wear it pride.


Dingdong Dantes

When he’s not playing Instagram husband to his gorgeous wife Marian, and father to their adorable daughter Zia, the actor and director is a stylish man on his own. With years of experience of being in the public eye, many would say Dong is always the hot guy that can rock the latest trends—be it ripped jeans, a good watch, or a classic black leather jacket.



James Reid

James Reid’s popularity is anchored on his talent, good looks, and his relationship with Nadine Lustre. He is also largely admired for being the epitome of cool. No one can wear the James Dean style as well as he does. Although he is seen mostly in T-shirts, cool caps, and huge jackets that once belonged to the ’90s but are making a comeback now, he can actually wear anything and look sexy in it.



Enrique Gil

Enrique Gil is in his element when he’s donning his essentials: plain shirts, hoodies, caps, and the occasional necklaces. It’s the perfect boy-next-door look, but with more swag. He’s one of the rare guys who can play around with accessories, whether it be quirky pieces of eyewear or the latest sneaks—and he does it so well, too!



Edie Lim

Edie embodies the dapper and sophisticated man—the kind of man that is the epitome of Signet, a brand that he has helped build from the ground. Although Signet is known for its classic, tailored suits, Edie is on the rougher and tougher side of the spectrum, preferring leather jackets to bring out his character.



Christian Tantoco

As the fourth generation to the Bienvenido Tantocos and the son of Rustan’s Donnie and Crickette, Christian indeed has big shoes to fill. But the pressure is not keeping him from freeing his creative spirit, which is evident in his travel OOTDs, nomadic fashion, and stylish outfits. It just might be so that an eye for beauty is in their DNA.



Jaime de Jesus

Another smart and promising bachelor that’s not letting the pressure stop him from expressing himself is Jaime de Jesus, son to James and Rica de Jesus. Hailing from one of the most exclusive boarding schools in the US, St. Paul’s School in Concord, Jaime is ready to express himself and his ideas. But indeed, his elegant and refined taste in his fashion is not surprising, having been raised as a Tantoco man.



Rafa Alunan

When you’re the husband of a fashion figure like Amina Aranaz-Alunan—designer, fashion school founder, and head of the Aranaz brand—there’s really no reason to not have your own style. On regular days, the family man embodies the country boy-next-door look with a casual pair of khaki pants paired with printed long-sleeved shirts. But when it’s time to dress up, expect Rafa in refreshing suits that tend to gravitate towards lighter colors.



Xian Lim

Actor and music man Xian Lim’s long and lean physique makes it easier for him to wear pretty much anything. He favors long-sleeved pullover shirts and tapered pants, with the occasional cap or jacket to complete the look, but either way, he pulls off casual cool with no effort necessary.



Rocco Puno

One of the most dapper guys of today is Rocco Puno, son of Atty. Eric Puno and Bea Lopez-Puno. His personal style is not something one would automatically expect from an economics and consultancy expert. His signature look is a mix of classic and preppy, injected with a cool and youthful vibe that makes his look contemporary.


Christian Valdes

Chocolatier Christian Valdes leads a pretty sweet life. As the co-founder of CMBV Confectionaires Co., which makes unique chocolate flavors like santol, minted kalamansi, and gumamela, Christian really makes sure his life and style is just as colorful and unique. He is able to transition from comfortable to cool in an instant, alternating between surfing clothes and formal wear.


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