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#MetroSocietyMostInfluential: Meet The Most Followed Filipinos On Social Media Today



Social media is many things to many people: daily journal, travelogue, moodboard, and even a portfolio of sorts. With this tool, people becomes connected to one another. Everyone can have a voice in the digital space, and it matters now more than ever to know whose voices we should be listening to.  

The Metro Society x Metro.Style list of “Most Influential on Social Media” gathers relevant people from different fields—individuals who, with their large social media following, help shape and move the society we live in today.

This list of people who are making the most impact on their respective social media platforms now is divided into six categories that define the very impact and influence they bring to the table: Changemakers, Tastemakers, Noisemakers, Haut Monde, Global Pinoys, and Online Sensations.

There is a perfect person to follow on social media, to inspire your different interests, passions, and pursuits.

Watch out as we unveil in the following days the Metro Society x Metro.Style list of “Most Influential on Social Media.”


The #MetroSocietyMostInfluential on Social Media feature is in Metro Society magazine's February 2018 issue, out now in newsstands and leading bookstores nationwide.