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#MetroSocietyMostInfluential: Online Sensations (Part 6)



There is no denying the power of social media and the famous individuals who use it when it comes to dictating the trends, influencing the public’s opinion, and shaping the life beyond cyberspace. #MetroSocietyMostInfluential lists the Online Sensations whose social media accounts are perennially engaging. Included in this list are Bianca Gonzalez-Intal (@iamsuperbianca), Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm), Jennylyn Mercado (@mercadojenny) Daniel Padilla (@supremo_dp) and Alden Richards (@aldenrichards02) . . Watch out as we continue to unveil the people who are part of the Metro Society x Metro.Style "Most Influential on Social Media" list. . . Check out the full list of Most Influential on Social Media on Metro.Style . . Photos from @iamsuperbianca, @mainedcm, @mercadojenny, @aldenrichards02’s photo from GMA Artist Center website, @supremo_dp’s photo by Rxandy Capinpin (@rxandy) for ASAPEDIA

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These celebrities continue to entertain and influence people even in cyberspace. Their social media accounts provide a compelling account of their day-to-day lives off-cam, delivered through beautiful, fun, and engaging content. Looking at their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts has become a part of many people's daily habit, giving their followers the much-needed dose of celebrity inspiration that they can apply to their lives as well.  


Bianca Gonzalez-Intal


Instagram: 1.9M

Twitter: 7.05M

The word “super” fits her to a tee as Bianca juggles motherhood and family life, her career and passion projects, and her social media presence with utmost efficiency. Since she started modeling in the early 2000s, she has made a name for herself by being opinionated, smart, confident, and empowered—the ultimate Filipina. With these qualities, this TV host and writer has set a great example in embracing one’s flaws as well as loving and being true to oneself. Well-informed on political and social issues in the country, she has taken on advocacies with organizations like UNICEF and Climate Change Commission, as she continues to inspire her millions of followers to make a stand about what they are passionate about. She wields her influencce to bring forth change. Even before social media became a widespread platform, she has established her voice through her blog, which then paved the way for her other platforms, including her own book, Paano Ba ‘To?



Maine Mendoza


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Facebook: 4.1M

Instagram: 2.9M

Twitter: 4.69M

From a simple girl whose hobby was impersonating other people via lip syncing, Maine Mendoza got a fast pass in showbiz and skyrocketed to fame. Her unexpected debut in a loveteam with Alden Richards instantly gained the attention of many Filipinos here and abroad, and in only a span of a few months, AlDub was born. Soon, everyone was curious about Maine Mendoza, and she helped share her stories through Twitter. Endearing fans through her fun-loving personality, the hashtag #AlDub garnered a record number of tweets according to the Guinness World Records, thereby putting the country in the map of top social media users. She has redefined what it means to be an influencer today, showing how one’s authenticity can take you far. Recently, she voiced out her opinion about depression and mental illness, and more people loved her for standing up for what she believes in.


Jennylyn Mercado


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Facebook: 9.5M

Instagram: 2.3M

Twitter: 346k

From winning a reality talent search more than a decade ago, Jennylyn Mercado has become one of the most sought-after actresses in the business today. Several pairings, numerous TV shows and films, and a singing career on the side later on opened up the actress’ niche—it was found that she’s quite effective in romantic-comedy headliners. That’s not to say she’s not versatile, but rather, it paved the way for her influence to reach a much bigger audience. Her hugot lines became iconic and with her natural acting prowess she gained fans and followers both of her professional abilities, her personal journey into motherhood, and her commitment to fitness and healthy-living—all documented through Instagram.


Daniel Padilla


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Instagram: 1.4M

Twitter: 6.97M

La Luna Sangre is on its last two days, but Daniel Padilla’s reign has no clear end in sight.. If anything, every conclusion opens doors for this young heartthrob – proven by his steady presence in different platforms and media. Much like his character Tristan in the fantaserye, he uses his power to promote the good, may it be through his shows, endorsements, tweets, and so much more. Just last year, he launched the Cybersmile Foundation, which advocates against cyber-bullying, something he has been subject to, along with his on-screen partner Kathryn Bernardo. He may be a man of a few words—but he sure knows how to make them count. 


Alden Richards


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Facebook: 1.9M

Instagram: 2.4M

Twitter: 4.99M


It may have taken a while before Alden Richards hit superstardom, but we can’t deny that the 26-year-old actor has got the chops since starting in showbusiness back in 2010. Now, as one-half of his hit team up with Maine Mendoza, they both share the spotlight in television, advertisements, movies, and of course, social media. Sharing the many sides of himself through tiles of photos on his Instagram account, his current following gets an inside look on more than just his selfies, they get to see the places he’s been to, his projects, and some shareable wisdom Alden isn’t afraid to spare. 


Figures as of February 28, 2018


The #MetroSocietyMostInfluential on Social Media feature is in Metro Society magazine's February 2018 issue, out now in newsstands and leading bookstores nationwide.