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#MetroSocietyMostInfluential: The Noisemakers





Bold and outspoken, these are the individuals who grab people’s attention with their opinions that are thought-provoking. They maximize their voices on social media to push for socio-political conversation and advocacies.


Karen Davila


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Facebook: 45K

Instagram: 422K

Twitter: 3.4M


Karen Davila is an award-winning broadcast journalist. Outside the newsroom, she also serves as a board member for World Vision, an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity, and an advocate of gender-equality and children’s rights. With more than 20 years of experience as a news anchor, she has solidified her status as one of the Philippines’ most respected media personalities. In her daily show Headstart, Karen goes straight to the point and asks the difficult questions which has earned her the respect of her millions of followers on social media. In a time of proliferation of fake news and when press freedom is under attack, Karen is like a beacon of hope for credible news and responsible journalism. 



Jessica Soho


Facebook: 1M

Instagram: 404K

Twitter: 642K


Seasoned media personality Jessica Soho takes localized, feel-good news to a whole new standard. From current events and show business to food and travel to pop culture and Internet trends, this Peabody Award-winning journalist masterfully strikes the balance between intriguing lifestyle news and objective reportage. With one million fans subscribed to her official Facebook page and another eight million following her show’s page, Jessica’s stories not only inform but also tug at the heartstrings of her viewers.



Maria Ressa


Snow! #latepost whirwind at UPenn

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Facebook: 12K

Instagram: 15.6K

Twitter: 340.5K


Maria Ressa is an internationally acclaimed journalist with more than 25 years of experience on and off the field. She has covered issues on politics, war, and terrorism for leading news platforms like CNN and ABS-CBN, where she served as the bureau chief in Manila and head of news and current affairs, respectively. Her investigative style of reporting has earned her recognitions from Asian Television Award in 1999 and Ferris Professorship of Journalism at Princeton University in 2001. In 2013, she co-founded the independent news platform Rappler and is currently its CEO. Aside from her continued efforts to redefine news platforms to suit the modern times, utilizing both traditional and digital methods, Maria is one of the most vocal figures in the fight for press freedom, a conflict that continues to escalate to this day. But with more than 300,000 followers on Twitter, plus thousands more in her other social media accounts, it’s clear she’s not alone in her endeavor.



Agot Isidro


For Metro Society/ October 2017. ?? @dix_perez

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Instagram: 244K

Twitter: 8.5K


Agot Isidro has had a successful career as an actress and recording artist, and has amassed thousands of fans for her showbiz stints. But rather than simply enjoying fame, she has opted to use her celebrity status to contribute to the organizations she supports, like Greenpeace and PAWS. In 2016, her controversial criticisms of President Rodrigo Duterte drew both online ire and praises for their bluntness. Through it all, she remained unperturbed, and has since doubled-down on her political commentary. With more than 200,000 followers on Instagram alone, it’s safe to say there are plenty out there who admire her candidness in social and political matters and who share her beliefs and opinions on various matters that affect the country.



James Deakin


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Facebook: 444K

Instagram: 52.7K

Twitter: 9.7K


While most people spend their time dozing-off in traffic, James Deakin thinks about solving them. Stemming from his life-long passion for cars, James has established himself as a transport journalist and road safety advocate, offering advice and solutions to the Philippines’ motor issues, like unbearable traffic, drunk driving, and pushing for dash cams. He has also made his advocacy more accessible through multiple media platforms, such as his TV show on CNN Philippines, online videos, and his personal website and social media accounts, where thousands of followers send him their personal experiences and opinions about the state of our roads.


*Figures are as of February 24, 2018


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