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#MetroSocietyMostInfluential: Online Sensations (Toni Gonzaga)



As we continue with the #MetroSocietyMostInfluential on Social Media list, we now give you the most followed Filipino celebrities on social media.?. .?Actress, singer, and TV host #ToniGonzaga (@celestinegonzaga) is not only one of the most accomplished stars in local showbiz, she’s also one of the most followed celebrities on social media. An estimated 4.2 million Instagram followers and at least 13 million fans on Facebook tune in to get a glimpse of her personal life. Filled with photos with her family, Toni’s feed is actually a source of feel-good posts for anyone who wants to find joy in the simplest of things.?. .?Read the full article on Metro.Style (link in our bio) #MetroSocietyMostInfluential . . Check out the full list of Most Influential on Social Media on Metro.Style

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Facebook: 13M

Instagram: 4.2M


Celestine “Toni” Gonzaga is not only one of the biggest names in Philippine showbiz, she is also one of the most versatile artists in the industry. Dubbed as the “Ultimate Multimedia Star,” Toni has an impressive variety of accomplishments, ranging from TV shows and movies, albums and concerts, to hosting gigs. Her movies—like D’Anothers, You Are The One, My Amnesia Girl, This Guy’s In Love With U Mare!, Four Sisters and a Wedding, Starting Over Again, You’re My Boss, and Last Night—showcase her extraordinary talent for both drama and comedy.

Her incredible hosting skills are also not to be missed. From reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother to talent shows Pinoy Dream Academy, The Voice of the Philippines, and Pilipinas Got Talent, Toni has a certain kind of irresistible onscreen charm that is fun and addicting to watch.

Add to these, she’s one of the most followed celebrities in the country, with about 4.2 million followers on Instagram. Although she has no verified Facebook page or Twitter account, her fan page has a following of at least 13 million.

What makes Toni such a delight to follow online is the personal touch in her content; that fun, witty, and sincere Toni is recognizable in her social media persona. Her Instagram isn’t so much of a curated feed but the spontaneity of her posts offers an intimate look into the superstar’s life, especially with her family.

Through social media, she shows her support for her husband Direk Paul Soriano (especially for his last cinematic success, Siargao), her hilarious antics with sister Alex Gonzaga, and her motherhood journey as she documents her baby Seve’s activities. All of these give fans a whole new appreciation for Toni, who has established herself as one of the most relatable and at the same time aspirational celebrities today.

Here are some of her most liked photos on Instagram:




*Figures are as of March 2, 2018


Photo courtesy of Asapedia


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