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Metro.Style Celebrated Mother's Day With Its #HipAndHappeningMoms Campaign

Motherhood has different faces. Every motherhood journey is unique. There is no manual for it, and it's never a one-size-fits-all case. But moms can learn from one another. 

The beauty and uniqueness of motherhood are celebrated by Metro.Style with its #HipAndHappeningMoms campaign that featured first-time moms and supermoms. Last year, we featured squads of mommy influencers, and this year was even bigger, with more influential moms who make motherhood look chic and cool.

Expectant mom Divine Lee-Go kicked off the campaign with a cover with Baby Baz, who just turned one, sharing her thoughts on parenting in the digital age.


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Moms who are part of this campaign also include Cristalle Belo, Amanda Griffin, Vanessa Matsunaga, Jess Tan-Gan, Patti Grandidge, Bangs Garcia, Katrina Santos, Denise Aquino, Christiana Collings, Sasja Mulder, Denice Sy, Vanna Garcia, Princess Velasco, and Feliz Lucas.

Also headlining this Mother’s Day offering is Andi Manzano-Reyes who shares the spotlight with her little girls Olivia and Amelia.

In time for Mother's Day, Metro Channel also launched a new show called Metro Moms whose pilot episode featured mom of three Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez.


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Metro.Style’s #HipAndHappeningMoms talk about the joys, struggles, and rewards that come with motherhood, and share tips and best practices their fellow moms can draw strength, inspiration, and motivation from.