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Muy Caliente! Why Everyone Is Talking About Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s New Prime Minister Aka Mr. Handsome

Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s Socialist Party leader, is now the new Prime Minister after a parliamentary no-confidence vote ousted his conservative predecessor Mariano Rajoy.

And what better way is there to end the fiery summer than by featuring this scorching-hot gentleman?



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The son of a wealthy entrepreneur and a civil servant, the dapper 46-year-old Sanchez is popularly known as "Mr. Handsome." Blame his celebrity good looks and impeccable style. But unlike another wildly attractive prime minister from a colder climate (Mr. Trudeau), this hot-blooded señor cuts a more classic figure reminiscent of old Hollywood, akin to the appeal of George Clooney.

But let’s get a little serious first, shall we? Just over a year ago, Sanchez stepped out of the political arena to regain his bearings from having been ousted by the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), after two failed elections in 2015 and 2016.


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However, his loyal Socialist party members voted him back as their secretary general in May 2017. Shortly afterward, he returned to the spotlight to file a no-confidence motion against the incumbent PM Rajoy to resign for enabling members of his People’s Party (PP) to become involved in a cash-for-contracts kickbacks scandal, for which they were later convicted.

In a massive vote of 180 to 169 and one abstention, Sanchez won the election. 

Spicy, isn’t he?



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The private Sanchez, however, upholds a reputation for being a proper family man, being seen around town with his lovely wife Begona and their two daughters—a far cry from his former days as a 1.90-meter-tall basketball player.

With his passion for politics in hand, he served the country as an opposition town councilor in Madrid from 2004 to 2009 before joining parliament under Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s administration. Unfortunately, he, along with other Socialists, was removed from office when the conservative PP took over in 2011.


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Along the way he proved to be a formidable opponent. In 2013, he returned to the lower house and moved on to become Socialist party chief.

Sanchez then caught wind of Rajoy’s alleged corrupt dealings, and began openly opposing the latter. In a famous televised debate, he struck out at Rajoy, saying, “The head of the government, Mr Rajoy, has to be a decent person, and you are not.”

This earned Sanchez the nickname of "The Judas of Spanish politics."

But clearly, his efforts at clearing up the previous administration’s practices paid off well. “Today, democracy has won,” he said in his post-victory speech. “A new era in Spanish politics is beginning. I am reaching out to all the parliamentary groups to open these new times and I hope that we are all up to the responsibilities that we have ahead of us.”

Recently, he took an oath of office before King Felipe VI in the Zarzuela Palace near Madrid and made the news for being the first Spanish Prime Minister to take the oath without a Bible and crucifix.     



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A man who is fearless enough to make a comeback from several crushing defeats, to openly challenge corrupt authority from a minority’s stance, and defy long-held traditions in the name of progress? And look great doing it? He’s got our vote, too!

Here are more photos of "Mr. Handsome:"




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