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Look! Nicole Tantoco And Miko De Los Reyes Become First-Time Parents To A Baby Girl

Welcome to the world, Gianna Noelle!

On July 30, Monday, Nicole Tantoco and Miko de los Reyes said hello to their little one, baby Gianna Noelle!  

Her arrival, though early, signals the beginning of the young couple's lifelong journey as parents and marks an impressive milestone for this loving family.

As Nicole's twin sister Camille explained it in a heartwarming Instagram post, baby Gianna is a record-breaking fifth generation Tantoco; that is, she's the youngest member of a clan with five generations living! (Gianna's grandparents are Donnie and Crickette, great-grandparents Rico and Nena, and her great-great-grandparents none other than Ambassador Bienvenido Sr. and Glecy Tantoco). 

That's a whole lot of cousins, titas and titos to care for her as she grows over the years, with Camille comically claiming that she would be at the forefront of those who'll spoil her!

All jokes aside, it was truly a blessing for Nicole to have safely delivered her first child.

The first-time mom detailed the biggest challenge she was presented with during her pregnancy and how it complicated an otherwise issue-free term. She was diagnosed with  Antiphospholipid Syndrome, despite having no family history of the condition.

The autoimmune disorder could have been a serious health scare for both mother and child, as one of its most life-threatening effects is an increased risk for major blood clotting.

However, what was initially a scary situation turned into a display of love and support, proving just how well Nicole and Miko work together as a team. Miko, in particular, was a shining example of a caring husband; according to Nicole, he willingly helped her with taking her medication, accompanied her to checkups, and simply made sure to offer lots of TLC when she needed it.

The kind of husband he was to her during that trying time is exactly the kind of mom she hopes to be to Gianna!

And speaking of the tiny tot, a second, equally touching story is behind her name.

Upon learning of Nicole's condition, they turned to St. Gianna Beretta Molla, an Italian pediatrician who became a patron saint beloved for her protection of mothers and their unborn children going through difficult pregnancies.

Every night, the couple prayed to her and upon seeing Nicole gain strength over time, they both decided that naming their baby after her was apt. Her second name, Noelle, on the other hand, was a favorite of Miko's. 

nicole tantoco and miko de los reyes become parent 0
Nicole and her daughter, Gianna

nicole tantoco and miko de los reyes become parent 1
Miko meeting Gianna

Nicole has yet to reveal more details about her firstborn, but a lone Instagram post in black and white of her and Gianna captioned "Snuggle and cuddle time w/ my new little world," is honestly all we need right now to smile about her living, pint-sized miracle.

We'll let the mom and daughter duo bond in their own time in the meantime, but we're definitely waiting for the time when Nicole's feed—and Miko' too!—is filled with adorable photos of their little one.

Congratulations to the new parents!

Photos from @eiconthemove_ and @mikodlr