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This New Agency Is Ready To Rock The Creative Industry

The Manila headquarters of one of Singapore’s hippest creative agencies, DSTNCT, has just re-launched, and now it carries a new and quirkier name: Oddefy.


Photo by Deiniel Cuvin


The Oddefy team along with friends—Singapore industry stalwarts Lesner Chua, Chief Marketing Officer of the JYSK Group and Vincent Yap, founder of the Teazle Group—celebrated the launch last July 27 at A Space Makati. Eccentric and hip, guests grooved all night while Chef Lica Ibarra of Masterchef Asia prepared extremely delicious food at the party. There were also performances by DJ Butta B, singer-songwriter Earl of Manila and Mentalist the Oracle.



1. DJ Butta B sending out the good vibes for the night. 2. Chef Lica Ibarra of Master Chef Asia along with Managing Director Via Villafuerte. 3. Earl of Manila dropping some of his famous original music. 4. ViaVillafuerte 5. Lesner Chua, Vincent Yap and Via Villafuerte | Photos courtesy of Oddefy


Via Villafuerte, Managing Director of Oddefy, shared her excitement as they leaped from under the wing of DSTNCT to creating their own bolder and more authentic identity. Along with their new name, the team is also heading to a different direction. “Basically, what we are is we try to see things in a different way that’s why we’re odd and we defy,” she answered when asked how they came up with their new name. “I guess as an integrated creative agency, you really need to stand out in order to cut above the rest.”


Photo by Deiniel Cuvin


“It’s very important for us to be able to know who we really are. With the type of work that we do, we try to be able to have the perfect balance of disrupting and at the same time being an effective communicator,” Via also shared.


Photo by Deiniel Cuvin


Oddefy has been known in the industry for their works in marketing and branding communications, multi-channel marketing, social and digital media marketing, content storytelling, mobile and web design and influencer strategy. Some of their clients from their previous 2-year run include Citi Bank, Maserati, Bench, and Ayala Malls, to name a few.


Banner and thumbnail photo by Deiniel Cuvin