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Only 12 Days Away Until The Royal "I Do's!" Here Are 9 Final Details Of The Royal Wedding Of The Decade

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the world's first truly "modern royals," are days away from holding the most highly anticipated nuptials the world has seen in years.




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These newlyweds-to-be took the world by storm when they came out with their romance a little over a year ago. By the time they announced their engagement in November last year, even those previously uninterested in the lives of the British monarchy could not take their eyes off of this couple.


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After all, their whirlwind romance is a fairytale fit for our time; Meghan is a modern princess in the making with her own voice, worldview, and sense of responsibility, while the approachable, relatable, and down-to-earth Harry is an heir who represents the new breed of royals.

Together, they make a match made in heaven, and the world—including ourselves—could not be happier that their union will soon be made official and binding.


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Now that we know where and when the wedding is going to be held, how the reception is going to go, where the honeymoon will be, who the invitations were made by and sent to, and even who the florist, baker, and A-list guests are, we're happy to share the next—and almost final—pieces of this extremely exciting puzzle of upcoming wedded bliss.


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Ralph & Russo are dressing her up



Meghan's wedding gown designer has been revealed, and we couldn't be more pleased about her choice. Remember the stunning gown she donned for her official engagement shoot? Ralph & Russo, the Australian duo who designed the memorable couture number, will reportedly be producing a heavily beaded, hand-stitched dress for Meghan's big day, which she might just wear to one of the two private receptions to be held after the ceremony.



The gown isn't free



The wedding gown, which is said to cost at least a whopping $130,000, will be privately paid for by her groom and his family. While the amount might make you feel weak in the knees, it actually pales in comparison next to Kate Middleton's lacey long-sleeved gown that was paired with a delicate veil. The Alexander McQueen dress that  the Duchess of Cambridge wore on her 2011 wedding day racked up close to half a million dollars. On the other hand, Princess Diana's David and Elizabeth Emanuel gown is so far the least expensive of the three, rounding off at an estimate of $115,000.



Why Prince Harry chose Meghan



While most just want to see these lovebirds tie the knot already, others have taken this opportunity to analyze Prince Harry, and why he's chosen Meghan to be his bride over the other women he dated, both briefly and lengthily, in the past. Two main theories have surfaced.

First, as an actress (who has since retired from the limelight after her engagement), Meghan is unfazed by media attention. She is composed and poised at all times, and can handle the pressure of being watched at all times, wherever she might go. The same kind of attention is something the royal family deals with day in and day out. Second, she is a fierce supporter of humanitarian causes; something that Prince Harry also supports, and that his mother, the late Princess Diana, dearly valued in her life. Taken together, these things make Meghan an ideal partner for Prince Harry whose ex-flames were unable to fulfill these criteria. In short, she's perfect for him in all the ways that matter.



Family matters



So much speculation has been made about how Meghan's family will play a part in her wedding. After all, it's known that Meghan's parents are divorced, and that she has half-siblings. More buzz came after explosive moves made by her half-sister and half-brother that were publicized, both of which claimed that Meghan was "phony" and that Prince Harry was making the biggest mistake of his life by marrying her.

In the end, it has been announced that Meghan parent's will indeed be involved on the big day, and will even meet with the Queen, Princes Charles and his wife Camilla in an advanced party. During the wedding itself, Meghan's mother will accompany her in the car during the drive to Windsor Castle where she will be met by her father who will walk her down the aisle.


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The perfect fit



Today Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle visited the @uniofbath to watch the UK team trials for @invictusgames2018. The couple spoke to some of the veterans hoping for a place in this year’s Games, including Mark Ormrod, a former Royal Marine who lost three limbs in Afghanistan. Mark was presented the ‘Exceptional Performance Award’ after winning a total of four medals at @invictustoronto; two silver medals in indoor rowing and two bronze medals in swimming. Also hoping to make the team is Lamin Manneh, seen here during the shot put trials today, who served in the Irish Guards for five years until being seriously injured in Afghanistan in 2010. If successful, Lamin will represent the UK for a 3rd time this year, having previously taken part in the 2016 and 2017 Invictus Games.

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Fellow actress and Meghan's real life BFF Priyanka Chopra has gone on the record to say that Meghan couldn't have been more perfect for this role. She won't just be a wife to a prince (but will a great one, for sure), but she'll also be a highly relatable woman placed in an influential position who can change the world for good.  She'll show that all women can succeed and dream big, because, in Priyanka's words, "she's one of us." Her story will be one that all women can realistically aspire to make their own.



The entourage



Having groomsmen and a bridal entourage isn't common practice in British royal weddings, but it's tradition to have the littlest members of the family play a part, either as pageboys, flower girls, or the like. Prince Charlotte and Prince George were around for Pippa Middleton's wedding, so the question on everyone's mind now is, will Prince Louis—Prince William and Kate's youngest son—be in attendance at Meghan and Princce Harry's big day? Unfortunately, he won't be, as he'll only be a few weeks old then and still in need of the utmost care.



Business first



To show their commitment to their roles as two of the UK's most influential personalities, Meghan and Prince Harry have decided to delay their honeymoon to put work first. They were set to spend a few nights in a very private and extremely luxurious wildlife and nature reserve in Namibia, but have reportedly put their plans on hold to fulfill their first-ever royal engagement as Mr. and Mrs. They're going to be hard at work days after their "I dos" at the altar!



The tribute



Everyone knows how close Princess Diana was to her sons, and how heartbreaking it was for her to not have been there for both of their weddings. To pay tribute to the woman who helped make Prince Harry (and Prince William) who he is today, Meghan has given the go, quite enthusiastically, to have Princess Diana's family play roles at her wedding. All three siblings of the late People's Princess will be in attendance, with Lady Jane Fellowes set to deliver a reading. This tribute is in addition to Prince Harry using diamonds from one of his mother's most prized pieces of jewelry in Meghan's engagement ring.



There won’t be a maid of honor



Proving the rumor mill wrong, Meghan won’t have a maid of honor at her wedding. Not only is it not customary for the British royal family to have one at weddings, but for Meghan, she just couldn’t choose a single girlfriend to hold that special position on her big day. The ex-Hollywood star is known to have a small, but very close-knit set of friends, and it was said that she couldn’t single out a single gal pal. Rather, she’s having all of them play roles in her wedding, as all of them have contributed to this joyous occasion in their own way.


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