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"Metro Society" Cover Girl Paloma Urquijo Zobel Shares Her Holiday Plans


The kind of Christmas memories Paloma Urquijo Zobel shares with family, especially with her mother Bea, is something she will never outgrow.

"I still love this—and I'm not ashamed to say it—but my mom still gives me a stocking full of little things every Christmas, which I'm always extremely excited to open on the 25th," Paloma says.

Growing up, her Yuletide holidays are either spent in the Philippines or in Spain. This year, she will be exchanging gifts and stories with 17 cousins at their grandparents' home in Spain. They all celebrate the traditional Christmas of a feast on the 24th and Mass on the 25th.

Paloma lovingly recalls how even if she hardly spends time with her brother and sister, they still manage to get her gifts that reflect her personality and preferences.

"The fact that they've gone through looking for gifts for each other, you're always surprised and just say: 'Oh they actually do know me'," she relates.

Paloma has lived in different countries growing up and mostly celebrated the holidays with a Western touch. However, there is something about the Philippines' love of the Christmas season that brings joy to her.

"I think the Philippines is doing a good job of celebrating Christmas even in September," she says. "It's always a joy. It's always fun to be home for Christmas to be with my family. The Philippines is just wonderful. Everybody (here) loves Christmas."

She relates how her mother would work with Filipino artisans to make beautiful parols and decorations for their home. While their Christmas tree is not the usual western-style she was used to, Paloma still finds her mother's tree the perfect example of staying true to their Filipino culture and heritage.


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Our annual Holiday Issue is finally here and it’s more festive than ever! The young, fresh, and beautiful Paloma Urquijo Zobel (@p.u.z) graces our cover and she shares with us her passions as well as why Christmas is so special to her and her family. This year, they have a fun approach to nontraditional Christmas decorations; as it all comes to life by Antonio Garcia for Mabolo. They don’t shy away from embracing the beauty of local Filipino textures and designs. Get to know the young lady behind the fashionable social enterprise PIOPIO (@piopio_ph) and learn about her other ventures that keep her passions aflame. Driven by her love for the Philippines and to give back to the community, Paloma has a heart of gold that will definitely take her places. . Also inside the magazine, get to know some of society’s most gracious hosts and hostesses as they share their holiday traditions spent with their loved ones. . Make sure to grab a copy, out in stands soon! . Photographs by Joseph Pascual (@otherjoseph) Story by Leah Puyat (@puyatleah) Makeup by Apple Faraon (@apple_faraon) Styling by Rex Atienza (@rexatienza), Jay Sarmiento (@jaysarmiento), and styleList, inc. (@stylelistinc) Video Produced by Joan Ko (@joknutsss) Videography and Editing by Paperlens . . . #MetroSociety #MetroSocietyMagazine #MSLuxury #TheHolidayIssue #holidays #cover #reveal #covergirl #fashion #luxury #magazine #fashionmagazine #photography #Christmas #PalomaUrquijoZobel #PIOPIO

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Paloma is also a creative person like her mother. In her 20s, she already helms the Filipino brand Piopio that promotes Filipino culture through dresses using locally made fabrics and accessories. Kubo, which will be at Esteban Abada Street, Legaspi Village in Makati, will be opening in January and is hoped to be the home of other Filipino brands that wish to not only celebrate Filipino products but also encourage the young to become true ambassadors of tradition and culture by using these clothes and accessories in their day-to-day activities.

Paloma's gifts for her family that she will be bringing to Spain reflects more of the Filipino arts and culture.

"This Christmas, I tried to use my resources in El Nido and work with the artisans there," she says. "I'm bringing a lot of gifts from our artist's village over. They are really cool, one-of-a-kind pieces that you can't get anywhere else."

Before she flies to spend Christmas with relatives, Paloma is taking her team to a party on the island. She doesn't really have a wishlist for herself but she wants to do something for the people she has been working with on Piopio.

"I'm giving gifts to everybody whom I've been working with, all my actual collaborators, the weavers, and a lot of artisans," she says. "We'll take a tour of where we live and I want to give them a nice day out."

Paloma is looking forward to "bouncing ideas" with her relatives in Spain.

"The greatest qualities of my families in both sides is they have a sense of humor," Paloma says. "The conversations are interesting because they are doing such interesting things. I'm lucky in that sense."

Like many of Piopio's products, Paloma's Christmas is no longer limited to the red and green colors she was used to seeing growing up.

"In the Philippines, it's just multicolored," she says. "It's very colorful and bright."


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