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A Mom, Wife, And Entrepreneur On Making Work-Life Balance Happen

Frangipani El Nido’s Pam Begre shares how she takes things in stride

It took Pam Begre 15 years to realize her passion for business. “I did wedding planning, events, real estate, and many other things,” she tells Metro.Style at the recent  She Talks Asia x Bumble Bizz Tribe Meet-Up event. “It really started as my husband’s dream. He has always wanted to put up a hotel in Palawan but when we were opening, things didn’t go as planned and I had to be there for him. I found myself enjoying it and now, it feels like I don’t know why I wasn’t doing it before.”

The 36-year-old entrepreneur co-manages a hotel in Palawan called Frangipani El Nido—which is tied up with sub-brands namely Three Coconuts (beach club), Rubra (lounge), and Cala (restaurant)—as she carries out her responsibilities as a wife and a mom of three.

One of the biggest challenges that come with her job is having to work remotely. “I’m based in Manila because my family’s here so I give my team my full trust and make it a point to empower them,” she says, adding that it’s really a matter of knowing how to keep her team together. “I have to understand their needs and their wants, and make sure they’re happy with what they’re doing. That’s what’s important for me.”


When asked how she manages her time, she quickly shared her method of following three-hour intervals each day. “You have to ask yourself: how much time do you need to sleep? How much time are you willing to spend with your loved ones? It helps me a lot. It’s good to know what you’re willing to do and how many hours you have to allot for it,” she declares, stressing the importance of taking care of oneself and setting one’s priorities straight. “Me, I drop my kids off to school at 6 a.m. every day. That’s my love language.”


While it’s not a piece of cake, her work constantly keeps her inspired, knowing she’s able to improve the lives of their people. “It’s not hard to get up in the morning because I know we’re able to provide jobs and we’re able to help them lift themselves up,” Pam shares. This girl boss is certain that in 10 years, she will still be doing exactly the same thing. “Believe it or not, it’s been mapped. I see myself still very hands-on with my kids but at the same time multiplying our hotels,” concludes Pam, expressing excitement for it all.

We caught up with Pam Begre at the recent She Talks Asia x Bumble Bizz Tribe Meet Up event that focused on the topic of "Negotiating Your Worth." The event was aimed at giving participants the confidence and negotiation skills they need in order to earn a just compensation, and gain financial success. Joining Pam in the lineup of speakers were The Purposeful Creative founder Arriane Serafico, Project Vanity founder Liz Lanuzo, and Globe Telecoms Social and Digital Content Strategist Maxine Casaclang

She Talks Asia is a women empowerment movement that provides a space for inspiration and support among women across multiple platforms. Bumble, on the other hand, is the women-first social networking app with over 63 million users that connects people across dating, friendship and professional networking.  In 2017,  Bumble launched Bizz, a fresh take on networking, with an emphasis on finding professional opportunities over job hunting.

Main photo courtesy of She Talks Asia