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Part Deux: Tim Yap’s After-Party Party

His first celebration at Harlan + Holden Dine was more of a sit-down dinner—a rather tame version of the kind of parties we usually associate Tim Yap with. But the one he held last night at the rooftop of Dr. Wine Manila was, IMO, the party everyone who follows @officialtimyap only hopes to attend.

I was lucky.



The sparkle-and-shine theme was, as the name suggests, glitzy and glamorous from its decorations, to the attire, to the star-studded roster of guests. And as if that wasn’t enough, the backdrop of Tim's party was spectacular due to the lit up Rockwell skyline. How’s that for a backdrop?

People were abuzz around the elaborate buffet of cheeses, littered with all kinds of fruit, nuts and crackers. It only got better with an array of solid bar staples being served around as you circled the buffet for the nth time. As if on cue, performers Bret Jackson, Poor Taste and Vanessa & Sophia offered a welcome diversion and excited the crowd with their solid music.



At the peak of the hour, the newly-married celebrant went atop a table and said that “it is through Javi that I have experienced unconditional love,” which had everyone roaring and aww-ing, but my favorite part of it was when he asked us to raise a glass as he said “every new year, you have to envision the best you possible. You with a partner, you with the best possible you. Let’s all visualize the best possible us this 2018, can you see it?!” And as everyone cheered and reveled in the positive vibe brought by his words, fireworks shot up the sky, and there was no way we couldn’t see it.

Other photos from the party:




Photographs by Chris Clemente