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See Snaps From Patty Ang's Fun And Stylish Bachelorette Weekend In Hong Kong

"Definitely a girls' night out (with gays and a close guy friend)"—this is how fashion designer Patty Ang describes her weekend that was dedicated to celebrating her last few weeks of being single. The radiant bride-to-be flew to Hong Kong with her fun and stylish squad, creating simply awesome memories they will definitely remember and cherish forever. 


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Patty got engaged to Miguel Almeda in March 18, 2017. Following a series of stunning photographs from their Spain trip, she announced on social media that they were "officially off the market." On her Instagram post, the mom of one captions, "Ohh, my life. My colorful life. It's now time to start a new chapter. Finally found my prince who loved me because of my past. For who I was, who I am, and who I will be - (well, he has no choice by then!). Who was behind me through my ups and downs, my craziness and weirdness- until now. But despite all those, still spoilt me and loved me unconditionally. Can't wait to give my not so little princess our own little thing called family. We're now finally complete." 

Talking about the beginning of their love story, Patty shared with photographer booking app SweetEscape, "We both love travelling and we happened to meet on a plane. I was seated beside him when I was seated far from my friends. It became a topic when I saw him again. The rest is history."

Aside from being her partner, Patty considers Miguel her travel buddy, her best friend, and "the one who makes me cry and laugh." 




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With travel solidifying the foundation of this beautiful relationship, it made sense, too, for Patty's bachelorette party to be big on adventure and exploration. Patty tells Metro.Style, "We went to good restaurants and bar-hopped. It was fun because everyone was so game to do everything."

Joining her in this unforgettable trip were her friends Valerie Chia, KD Ang, Jess and Jacqui Manzano, Belle Veluz, Kimberly Yao, Pam Solilapsi-Guerrero, Monique Salcedo, and Ryan Ordonez, as well as her beloved fellow fashion designers Mark Bumgarner, Michael Leyva, and Andrea Tetangco. 

Despite a slight hiccup (she was rushed to the hospital because she couldn't open her eye due to scratches), the celebrations went on, and it was, as their photos taken by SweetEscape prove, an extremely fun get-together.   

Patty shares, "Everything was quite a surprise. Though I knew some of the items in our itinerary, they planned everything for me."

They stayed at the Four Seasons and had their squad pictorial around the hotel, dined at The Chinese Library restaurant, and spent a day in Disneyland.



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We can't wait to see this well-renowned bridal fashion designer walk down the aisle!


Photos by SweetEscape courtesy of Patty Ang