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Pope Francis Officiates A Wedding Inside A Plane!

What was your Thursday morning like? Beautiful? Busy? Perhaps, boring? Whatever your answer may be, chances are, there’s a couple whose day was far more interesting than ours: On January 18, Carlos and Paula got married. On a plane. While at work. By the Pope, no less!



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Flight attendants Carlos Ciuffardi Ellorriaga and Paula Podest Ruiz have quite a story to tell their children, after taking "destination wedding" to a whole new level.

On a flight bound from Santiago to Iquique, Chile, the Pontiff made Vatican history by officiating a wedding 36,000 feet in the sky—making him the first Pope to perform a papal wedding in the air.

The high-flying adventure began when the LATAM cabin crew gathered in the first class cabin for a group photo. As the couple chatted with the Pope, they asked for his blessing in their marriage in passing. They explained that they lost their chance at a dream Catholic wedding after the church they planned to tie the knot in was destroyed by an earthquake in 2010. The Pope liked the couple and offered to marry them on the spot.



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Pope Francis kept the ceremony brief, and asked the president of LATAM airlines, Ignacio Cueto, to act as witness. A handwritten marriage certificate was signed by the Pope himself, the couple, Cueto, and a bishop. The bride was given a white rosary, while the groom received a black rosary as keepsake.