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President Duterte's Granddaughter Has Everyone Talking About Her Pre-Debut Photo Shoot

Isaballe Lovelie Duterte, Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte's daughter, has everyone talking about her pre-debut photos from her majestic photo shoot at Malacañang Palace. The 12th grade student has certainly raised the bar for other débutantes wishing to make an impression. 

Photo from @garimonroferos


Isabelle channeled her inner princess and wowed with three outfits: a trailing, voluminous red gown by Dubai-based fashion designer Garimon Roferos, a blush pink piece by Rosenthal Tee whose bodice and skirt were daintily adorned with leaves, and a playful off shoulder floral number by Rica Rico. 


Photo from @winnramos


The debutante's glam squad included make up artists Frankie Bacierto and Winn Ramos, star stylist Jeff Galang, and photographer Lito Sy. 

Isabelle was also photographed at several venues in the Palace to enhance the regality of her ensembles. Her red gown stood out at the carpeted hallway that leads down to the stately Rizal Hall, while her blush outfit contrasted with a corridor's dark wood panels, and her floral dress was complemented by a fountain in the Palace's grounds. 

While she undeniably looks beautiful in her photo shoot, Isabelle's choice of venue has drawn mixed reactions from her audience. Many simply adored her outfits and congratulated her, while others seemed to think that the Palace, the country's highest seat of power, was an inappropriate choice. 

Photo from @garimonroferos


One photo also showed the Presidential seal and flag in the background. This has led some people to go as far as questioning the legality of the photo shoot by quoting Executive Order No. 310 that states, “Except as otherwise provided by law or Presidential issuance, the Coat-of-Arms, Seal, and Flag of the President of the Philippines or of the Vice President of the Philippines shall be exclusively used to represent the President of the Philippines or the Vice President of the Philippines, respectively.” 


Photo from @ritamneri


Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque responded to these queries and said that the photo shoot was a "non-issue," and that the President's family members are free to have their photos taken in Malacañang. 

What does Isabelle have planned next for her 18th birthday party? Will she be stunning us with more elegant looks? We'll just have to wait and see. 

Photo from @winnramos