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Extraordinary In Being Ordinary: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Fly Economy

As if we needed more reasons to fall in love with them. 

Newlyweds-to-be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made headlines when they were up in the air, but it was because of how they've once again proven just how down to earth they are. 

After spending a formal Christmas holiday with senior members of the royal family at the Queen's Sandringham estate, 33-year-old Prince Harry whisked Meghan, 36, away for a more upbeat New Year's Eve celebration with friends in the French Riviera.




Defying all expectations of how royals might travel the world once again, the two reportedly booked a commercial flight via British Airway —then flew economy, and sat towards the back of the plane, next to the loo. 

While this might be the defining moment for Prince Harry and Meghan's growing reputation of being "the world's first modern royal couple," it's not the first time the lovebirds have challenged protocol for British royalty. Meghan joined the royal family for Christmas gatherings—a privilege granted to spouses only after their weddings—while she herself was deemed an unvconventional (but welcome) choice for a royal bride because of her non-royal lineage and American citizenship. 

Similarly, Prince William earned the public's admiration in 2014 for choosing to travel on a commercial US Airways flight when on his way to meet with then US President Barack Obama. Humility and frugality, as it seems, are deeply instilled in these royal brothers. 

On December 31st, Prince Harry and Meghan boarded their morning Nice-bound flight earlier than other passengers and were accompanied by a few security personnel who sat beside them. To maintain privacy, the pair booked at least three rows of seats that separated their party from the rest of the passengers. The couple completed their low-key trip by dressing simply, with the prince in jeans, a jacket, and a baseball cap, and Meghan in a black beanie and light makeup. 



Upon landing, Prince Harry and Meghan were escorted to the Nice airport's VIP section by members of the French border police, as well as Service de la Protection—France's top-tier police unit responsible for protecting foreign dignitaries. These guards were apparently armed with Beretta M9s and possibly a machine gun—none of which, thankfully, were needed. Kensington Palace reported that such protection was not requested for, but instead was offered and would have been "non-negotiable." 

The prince and his bride stayed at a private residence in the Riviera region where they spent time with friends before heading back to their London residence a few days after to prepare for their wedding. The pair is set to wed on May 19.

If Prince Harry and Meghan's approach towards being royal continues even after they tie knot, we can't wait to see how the life of this truly modern royal couple unfolds in the months to come!



Photos from @whenharrymetmeghan (thumbnail and cover photo)