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The A-List Guest List: Our Top Bets For Possible Attendees At Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding

They could get front row seats to the most anticipated royal wedding of our time!



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While it comes to no surprise that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have friends in society's uppermost circles, they have, in fact, revealed that they're keeping their guest list shorter and sweeter in comparison to those of other royal weddings that have come before theirs.

For this royal couple, keeping the ceremony as intimate as possible is them staying true to form; they've been known to be humble and grounded, rather than grandiose and excessive in all their ways, and this, too, applies to putting together their carefully curated guest list.


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Aside from inviting members of the British monarchy and other royals from around the world to share the joyous occasion with them, Prince Harry and Meghan could extend the coveted invitations to famous friends they've worked with in the past, people who played important roles in their relationship, and artists who could serve as performers in the event.

They've kept mum about the more personal details of their wedding including who they invited. Check out who we think could make it to the royal wedding of the decade in this list:



Who: Jessica Mulroney 

Why: She's Meghan's stylist turned BFF. It's rumored she'll be in the bridal entourage, and that she's already helped the bride-to-be pick out her wedding dress. 




Who: Priyanka Chopra

Why: She and Meghan struck up a friendship outside of work, and became her designated Hollywood soul sister. 



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Who: The Spice Girls

Why: Prince Harry was a huge fan of theirs growing up! He even met them once backstage during one of their concerts. 


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Who: Elton John

Why: He's close to the royal family, is a knight, and reportedly canceled two of his concerts that coincided with the royal wedding. 



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Who: Serena Williams

Why: She's one of Meghan's surprising best buds. They got to know each other seven years ago and simply took to each other. They've hung out like any other pair of girl friends and are known to advise each other on life's biggest lessons ever since. 



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Who: Barack Obama and his family

Why: The 33-year-old Prince Harry developed a bond with this former head of state during his term. Their relationship has gone beyond the realm of political niceties, and genuinely enjoy each other's company. It's quite a powerful bromance!



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Who: Abigal Spencer

Why: You'll remember her as Meghan's Suits castmate, but we can assure you that the pair has quite an iconic off-screen friendship! Like her stylist, Meghan considers Abigail one of her truest friends. 



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Who: Violet von Westenholz

Why: She can't not be there. Without Violet, there would be no wedding! This longtime gal pal of Prince Harry's isn't just a childhood friend, but the very person who set him up on a blind date with Meghan. 


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Who: Ed Sheeran

Why: Aside from being friends with the outgoing Prince, Ed's also spent time with other members of the royal family, goofing around. He's a royal family favorite! 


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Who: The Beckhams

Why: It's Victoria that Meghan has become particularly close to since she made the big move from LA to London. On the other hand, the Beckhams were also present in Prince William and Kate Middleton's 2011 nuptials. 


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Who: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Why: The handsome politician was Prime Minister when Meghan was still filming Suits in Canada.



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Who: Misha Nonoo

Why: She's rumored to be the secret designer of Meghan's wedding gown! 


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Who: Patrick J. Adams

Why: Even if you might feel bad that Patrick, Meghan's Suits fiancé, didn't actually marry her, worry not! The love interests are best buds in real life, and he'll be happy to see Meghan marry her true love in real life.



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Who: Cara Delevingne

Why: Remember when Prince Harry was still the nightclub/bar/club-hopping type of man? He struck up a friendship with this supermodel during his more carefree days, and two have kept in touch even to this day. 


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Who: Coldplay's Chris Martin

Why: The band is a favorite of the couple's, and he's performed in an event that Prince Harry fronted. Who knows, he could get a second invitation for his wedding.


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