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Prince Harry And Megan Markle Arrange A Farewell Tour To Bid Royal Life Goodbye

It's curtain call for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

There's no longer a need to get that royal curtsy perfect.

Soon, a casual handshake will suffice to greet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should you run into them on your next trip to London or Canada.

That's because this pair of "modern royals," as they were nicknamed when they officially began life as members of the British monarchy post-marriage in 2018, are stepping down from royal life and will soon be living as ordinary citizens (or at least, as ordinary as can be given their history and family ties) beginning this spring. 


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The official announcement on this resignation was made by the Palace in January following a revelation from Harry that he and Meghan have chosen to live a more private and independent life.

Between then and now, Harry and Meghan have been making adjustments in their lives, including setting up a home in Canada, dropping their "HRH" titles, spending more time with baby Archie, and finally, arranging a five-day farewell tour to bid a last goodbye to their UK followers who have remained loyal to them even during this complicated transition. 

The tour will run from March 5 to March 9, with one engagement per day, and with all activities taking place in London.

Harry has already traveled to the English capital for what's sure to be an emotional week, and has left baby Archie in their Canadian home for the time being. So far, he has hosted a travel summit for Travalyst, a sustainable tourism initiative, and joined Jon Bon Jovi at Abbey Road Studios to record Unbroken, a song to be used during the 2020 Invictus Games activities.  

Meghan is set to join him on Thursday. 

Below is the schedule of events the Sussex couple's supporters are looking forward to: 

March 5: The annual Endeavor Fund Awards

The ceremony recognizes wounded servicemen and women who have overcome injuries and gone on to achieve much in sports and other physical feats throughout their recovery.

March 6: The Mountbatten Festival of Music

The black tie event features the Massed Bands of Her Majesty's Royal Marines and will be held at the Royal Albert Hall. The charitable musical performance will benefit The Royal Marines Society. 

March 8: International Women's Day

The worldwide celebration of women empowerment will be led by Meghan whose many advocacies includes the upholding of women's rights.

March 9: Commonwealth Day

This day marks a coming together of England and commonwealth nations (there are about 54 of them). Commonwealth nations are a group of countries that were once part of British Empire. It was reported that the Queen herself requested for the presence of Meghan and Harry at this high-profile event held at Westminster Abbey. 

March 10 to 16: The Invcitus Games

As one of their last events as senior and active members of the royal family, Harry and Meghan could make appearances at the Invictus Games, which is a multi-sport event where injured military veterans compete. The Games were launched by Harry himself in 2014. 


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However, what will become of this couple after their farewell tour is still unclear.

Though they've let go of their royal titles, they can still be called the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but other pressing matters such as how they will earn an income, if they will continue to be protected by royal security, how involved they will be with the charities they supported as royals, and their plans for their new home locations in both the UK and in Canada have yet to be elucidated. 

Though many have interpreted Harry and Meghan's step back as antagonistic towards the royal family and the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly "left the door open" for them if in the future they wish to return to royal life. 

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