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The Prince Harry-Meghan Markle Royal Wedding Is Only 100 Days Away! Here Are 8 Updates On This Affair

Things move at lightning speed when you're busy and excited at the same time.

For bride and royal-to-be Meghan Markle, this couldn't be truer when it comes to her wedding with Prince Harry. The wedding is scheduled to take place on a lovely spring day in May. Only a hundred days remain till they tie the knot, and we couldn't be happier for the couple!



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While royal weddings are always exciting, Meghan's is even more so as her relationship with the Queen's grandson has challenged quite a number of royal traditions upheld by the British monarchy. Her wedding is predicted to be no different and assumed by many to be the most "modern" wedding ceremony this family of royals will ever see. It's anyone's guess what the ceremony will bring, but one thing's for sure: no matter what this engaged couple has planned, it's sure to make history.  

With just a little over three months to go before their big day, here are the latest updates on Prince Harry and Meghan's royal wedding plans:  


The Dress


Newly-engaged Meghan Markle knows exactly what she likes in a wedding dress after choosing the one she'll wear for her upcoming nuptials on U.S. TV show Suits. The former actress, who is giving up her screen career to marry Prince Harry next May, was scheduled to tie the knot with her castmate Patrick J. Adams at the end of the hit legal drama's fifth season in 2016, but the timing of the nuptials didn't work out for the star, and she told series creator, Aaron Korsh, a TV wedding "didn't add up". See full article here: Have a great Harry and Meghan story? or tips for achieving that effortless House of Sussex's style, then tag us to grab our attention. We'll share the love and credit you!

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Meghan still hasn't let us in on one of the best parts about weddings! The American actress hasn't revealed which designer she has chosen for her wedding dress, but rumors about her completing her first fitting in the past week have been circulating. Her gal pal and stylist Jessica Mulroney spent a few nights in London to supposedly help her decide on a dress.


The Entourage


Prince William and Prince Harry have a stepsister named Laura Lopes. Laura is the daughter of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall with Andrew Parker Bowles. When the Duchess remarried and became the wife of Prince Charles, she already had two kids: Laura, who is a co-founding partner and gallery director of London’s Eleven gallery, and Tom Parker Bowles, a prominent food critic and writer. Since Laura has good relationship with Prince Harry, there are rumors that she could be one of the bridesmaids. Others who are rumored to be among the bridesmaids are Meghan's friend Priyanka Chopra and her stylist/friend Jessica Mulroney. Prince Harry reportedly invited Sarah, Duchess of York; she is the mother of Princess Eugenie who is also engaged, and is a good friend of Prince Harry's mother, Princess Diana, so she could have a major role at the wedding. Prince Harry has not yet confirmed whether Prince William would be his best man.


The Entertainment


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Sir Elton John reportedly canceled two of his show schedules to be able to attend the royal wedding, and it's known that Ed Sheeran and James Blunt are good friends of the Prince (who could also be invited to the wedding). Last but not the least, people have wondered about a possible Spice Girls reunion at the wedding. (We know, we gasped, too, like you did!) Whether these top British acts will be performing has yet to be confirmed, but we hope they will!  


The Guest List


For a wedding as closely watched as theirs, everyone wants to know whose names have been included in the guest list. This is, of course, a rather private matter, and final details will probably only surface days before the ceremony. The couple is expecting about 800 guests, and it's been speculated that A-list attendees like former US President Barack Obama and his family, Serena Williams Meghan's Suits co-stars Sarah Rafferty, Patrick J Adams, and Wendell Pierce will be there. When it comes to the Prince's picks, his aunt, Sarah Ferguson, will also be attending despite her strained relationships with some of his family. Members of the royal family will definitely be there, too. 


The Vows, Songs, and Hymns


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Just as Kate Middleton did in her wedding, it is expected that Meghan will choose the Series One (1966) Book of Common Prayer for her own wedding. The verses in this book allow her to omit somewhat outdated phrases that royal brides say during their weddings: “obey him” and “serve him," in reference to their royal husbands.  


The Invitations


Wedding invitations usually set the tone of a ceremony: will it be playful and non-traditional, or classic and elegant? Guests usually know the moment they receive the special invite that it's like an extension of the wedding's décor. Interestingly, Meghan is actually a skilled calligrapher and people are half-hoping she will design her invitations herself.  


The Rings


Royal couples don't always wear wedding bands; they have the option to wear one or not, especially when it comes to royal grooms. Prince William doesn't wear one, but what about Prince Harry? We'll have to wait and see!  


The Aisle


Meghan and her father have lived apart for many years, with Meghan being much closer to her mother's side of the family. Even for non-royal brides, it is tradition to have their father walk them down the aisle to their husbands-to-be. While it's known that Meghan has touched base with her father since royal wedding buzz propelled her to international interest last year. She hasn't mentioned anything to the press about this, but there have been talks that she may opt to choose her mother to play this important role in her wedding.  


What will we learn next about Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding? Stay with us and we'll be sure to keep you posted.