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In A New Docuseries, Prince Harry Gets Painfully Real About His Feelings Towards The Royal Family

He chats with Oprah in "The Me You Can't See" for a fresh series of interviews that shed light on why leaving royal life behind was, quite literally, a matter of life and death

In a five-part documentary, ex-members of the British royal family Harry and Meghan Markle resurface for another round of explosive revelations about why they decided to step down from royal duties and live completely different lives as commoners.

In case you missed it, a little over a year after then Duke and Duchess of Sussex Harry and Meghan Markle decided to give up their status as senior members of the royal family (plus the privileges and responsibilities that came with them), they met TV personality Oprah Winfrey for a controversial interview.

There, they discussed what they were previously not allowed to talk about freely and public in the past: the real reasons for their decision to leave royal life, and many of Meghan's experiences of alleged discrimination and neglect from other royal family members and the monarchical system as a whole. 

This time, Harry, who is no longer referred to by his royal titles, returns for even more revelations, many of them even more shocking than what they had already divulged.

The former prince has a five-part AppleTV+ show featuring a series of interviews with Oprah called The Me You Can't Seeand it's there where followers of the Harry-Meghan-royal family dispute will likely get what they've been waiting for. Co-created and co-produced by Harry and Oprah, The Me You Can't See features stories of emotional struggles and healing from people all around the world. 

Check out some of the things Harry and Oprah talk about in the show below:

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Meghan told Harry that she wanted to take her own life.

Harry saw history repeating itself when his wife got candid about her psychological anguish. Like his mother, the late Princess Diana, Meghan was under so much pressure from her royal relatives that she no longer felt that she was in touch with herself. 

According to Harry, she told him she wanted to take her own life, and she described the details of the way she intended on doing so. Meghan was more than halfway along her pregnancy with their first son Archie at the time and the couple were on their way to a royal engagement. 

Deeply alarmed by what he had just been told, he made it clear to his family that he and Meghan needed to step back completely, or at least take a long break from, royal duties in order to sort things out and for her mental health to recover. 

When they refused his request despite being informed of  Meghan's psychological distress and risk for suicide, that was when he made the decision himself and for his family. 

Harry needed therapy to regain balance in his life, though his family is the main source of his problems. 

Harry's ultimate motivation for leaving royal life was "to break the cycle."

He tells Oprah how his father, Prince Charles, once told him that because he suffered as a child and was raised a certain way by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, that's was how it was going to be for him and his older brother William, too. Harry refused to give into this kind of thinking and so took things into his own hands by uprooting his own family and transferring to California where they could be as far away from life as royals as possible. Harry also seemed to suggest that Queen Elizabeth II herself had failed in her own upbringing of Charles, hence starting the unhealthy cycle of parent-child relationships in one of the world's most famous families. 

He talks about undergoing therapy to help him deal with the negative emotions and thoughts that this highly publicized (and scrutinized) break has caused him. However, it took years for him to admit that he needed help. It was only when he was 28, 15 years after his mother's death and after continuously drowning his sorrows in alcohol and other substances, that he met Meghan, and that it was her who convinced him to seek therapy. 

In the end, he still does want to reconcile with his family sometime in the future. 

Harry throws shade at the British media.

Or more specifically, the British tabloids.


It's no secret that Harry and Meghan were bullied by British tabloids since the day they revealed they were a couple. The anti-Harry/Meghan sentiment in these publications only strengthened after they got married, so much so that they have filed more than one case against tabloids for overstepping and violating their privacy. 

More so, Harry's experience during his mother's death strikes a sensitive nerve when it comes to his relationship with tabloids. It's strongly believed that the car Princess Diana was in when she passed away was speeding away from paparazzi, thus crashing into a pillar in a tunnel, causing her untimely death. 

These thoughts never left Harry, and so, upon seeing the tabloids once again feast on details of his life with Meghan, he decided to call them out.

He explained that this is one of the reasons why he felt he needed to become a royal no more; as a prince, his life was on display for the world to see, and it was a damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of existence. He no longer agreed to having to sacrifice one's happiness in order to make room for these toxic events to continue happening to him and his wife. 

Harry doesn't regret leaving royal life.

Despite being a senior member of the royal family and brother to a man who would eventually ascend as the King, Harry exclaims that he made the right decision to leave. 

It was a difficult decision, but it was the right one. In the future, no one knows what could become of his relationships and standing among his royal relatives, but at this moment, he's glad to have gotten away from that environment. 

The dad of two talked about how he was discouraged from speaking honestly about his experiences, showing any real emotions, and generally avoiding revealing himself as an individual, a.k.a., a human being. He disagreed with the protocol and tradition that members of the royal family needed to appear impermeable and unaffected, even though it pushed them to sacrifice their mental well-being. 

Now that he enjoys the freedom to look back on his former life and talk openly about its biggest challenges, he looks forward to his decision having positive consequences on generations to come, beginning with his children. 

"The results of this year will be felt for decades. The kids, families, husbands, wives, everybody," he says. 

Watch The Me You Can't See trailer below: 

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