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Prince Harry’s Style, Before And After Meghan Markle

Have you ever heard the saying, “the more time a couple spends together, the more they start to look alike”? That’s true for most people, especially in the case of Prince Harry and his fashionable fiancée, Meghan Markle.

It appears that the former Suits actress has influenced Prince Harry’s sense of style, especially in the way he wears his, well, suits. Below, the fashion evolution of Prince Harry through the years.


Royals adhere to a protocol when dressing up for state affairs and formal events, which is why Prince Harry is often seen wearing suits, ties, and waistcoats. According to Monchet Olives, Metro.Style columnist and Metro Society Best Dressed Hall of Famer, you will never see a royal dressed in flashy pieces, as if they were attending an Italian Pitti Uomo (an international menswear event). Instead, they would don pieces in conservative colors: Prince Harry used to dress up sloane ranger style, typical of young upper class men. He liked to wear sport chinos, sport shirts, and blue blazers slightly boxy in shape.



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However, according to Olives, Prince Harry’s style has evolved over the last few years. He now prefers suits in a slimmer, form-fitting style—similar to what’s in the market today. In terms of casual clothing, he now adds light neutrals to his usual shade of navy blue. 


Just last year, he wore an iconic blue suit on his engagement shoot...


….and sported a brown overcoat that complimented Meghan’s outfit really well.

If you’re wondering why his fashion sense evolved, Olives theorizes that Meghan’s stye is subconsciously reflected on him. The Hollywood actress and soon-to-be royal’s wardrobe is a good mix of fashion forward and conservative. Contrast this with the style of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, who upon stepping up, adopted a regal style similar to Princess Diana’s.

In retrospect, Prince Harry used to borrow his grandfather's (Prince Philip) sloane ranger style, but now, with Meghan’s influence, tends to dress up with a hint of swagger, just like his father, Prince Charles.



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Prince Harry’s style evolution is a convergence of two respected royals, straddling past and present, giving even greater relevance to the royal family as an institution today.