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Puey Quiñones Dressed Zuri Hall For The Met Gala—Here's The Story Behind It


When acclaimed Filipino fashion designer Puey Quiñones left the Philippines for the United States with a heavy heart almost a decade ago, his vision for his life was unclear, his path to redemption full of zigzags rather than clean, straight lines.

A regrettable decision cost him his stature in the fashion industry, but as all wounds do, his healed over time. And with a sincere willingness to atone for his mistakes, Puey slowly but surely rebuilt his brand and credibility, this time, earning a clientele more distinguished than ever. 

After all, even with a bit of tarnish, talent—true, timeless talent—never fades.


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In the end, it was exactly this skill that Puey, who turned 39 years old and celebrates close to 20 years of being a fashion designer this year, showcased in one of the fashion world's most beloved events: The Met Gala.



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E!News correspondent and Emmy Award-winning TV host Zuri Hall walked onto the Met Gala's pink carpet with a pink silk asymmetrical number by Puey, paired with red hot footwear and playful purple eye makeup. Perfect for the event's theme of "camp" fashion (i.e.: purposefully exaggerated dressing that's witty, ironic, artistic and everything in-between, sometimes all at once), the dress was certainly eye candy for anyone out to spot the night's best dressed. 


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"The concept of my dress was actually bringing back my DNA. When I moved to the US, my aesthetic changed because I had to cater to a certain market, but I was fortunate enough that NowPR welcomed me in their team and helped me get publicity and celebrity seeding. So I decided to create something me! [The dress shows] my love for draping and silk. I was just having fun creating that dress," Puey tells Metro.Style.


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"I wasn’t really expecting that [Zuri would] wear my dress, because I know how it works in the US. It’s hard to be chosen as a designer for such an event! Met is a huge deal for fashion. It’s like the Super Bowl of fashion. So I didn’t expect that," he continues. 

It was his first-ever pink dress, too. The color and style were a leap of faith for the designer who stepped out of his comfort zone, and to speak symbolically, the moment was reflective of how his life has reached new heights. 


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It's one of the biggest accomplishments Puey can now boast of, but for those who've been staunch supporters of Puey over the years, they'll tell you that the milestone was bound to come. 

That's because Puey has already dressed some of entertainment's biggest names including Tyra Banks and Katy Perry, is a regular at Hollywood parties including the Golden Globes and network parties for Netflix, FOX, and more. 

In fact, earlier this year, Puey opened up a bridal store pop-up in New York City featuring his creations for Cocomelody, where he is the creative director.


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All in all, Puey's first Met Gala experience proves to everyone, but most especially himself, the value of second chances and determination to succeed. Despite learning some of life's biggest lessons the hard way, Puey had made it, coming out even bigger and better than before. 

Reminiscing all that he's gone through since he was a mere high school student learning to sew buttons as an assistant in an atelier, Puey recalls one person in particular: His father. 


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Once insisting that his son graduate with a degree in political science, the man had a different plan for Puey, but eventually came to accept his decisions. He passed away not too long ago, but it's his guidance from up above that Puey believes led him here. 

"This is major for me! I told myself before that if ever I see my dress [on] the Met red carpet, I must have done something good. And my father just passed away, and I told him to please take care of me and help me realize my dreams. Then [this] came out. So now I know that my dad is watching over me," he concludes. 



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