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Quark Henares And Bianca Yuzon's Food And Noir-Themed Prenup Shoots Are Must-Sees!

The series of Quark Henares' and Bianca Yuzon's prenup photos starts off with them in clean, crisp outfits in matching white standing in front of a table of food.

At first they smile, and then they laugh, and just when you think the next image will be of them dining classily on wedding-y fare like fancily decorated cake, champagne, or even French macarons, they—gasp!—smash fistfulls of food into each other's faces!

Noodles soaked in orange Bolognese sauce drip down Quark's shoulder, while cake frosting finds its way into Bianca's brunette locks.

The rest of the photos are just as fun (you can almost hear the two laughing and having a ball of a time behind the scenes) and quite frankly, the whole photo collection is one of the best we've seen of wedded couples-to-be being their real selves. 


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And before you judge the concept as too out there for a pre-wedding photo shoot, know Quark and Bianca first met by a buffet—literally.

They were once strangers who struck up a conversation by the dessert section to be specific, and four years later, the small talk bloomed into something much, much sweeter than any of the confectioneries that lay before them: The promise to spend the rest of their lives as husband and wife.


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The couple got engaged in the summer of 2018, and 13 months later, as of this writing, they're simply counting down the hours until they officially become Mr. and Mrs. Quark in particular has been especially vocal about his excitement about his upcoming wedding, and penned a big of background story about snaps from his prenup on Instagram, 

"Wedding’s only a few days away, and I can’t wait to get married to @biancayuzon! Instead of having the usual habulan sa basic beach (hehehe) prenup photo shoots we decided to work with our dearest and most talented friends to see how they see us," he said. 

The music and movie director then went on to credit the creative team who worked on the shoot's concept and execution, including Sharon See and Miguel Nacianceno. 


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But it doesn't end there!

Quark and Bianca, being the artistic souls that they are, had double the fun in a second, noir-themed photo shoot. This time, Carlo Casas and Bea Constantino, and Amanda Padilla were who to thank for the overall look and feel of the shots that had Quark and Bea pose a little more seriously, but just as in love. 


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"A photographer and producer, Casas infuses the everyday with dread in this noir-inspired shoot. 

Styled by the girl who knows everetheng, the beautiful and hilarious @beaconstantino, with make- up by one of the most lovable people in the world— @ampadilla_ 

Oh, and it must be pointed out that this was the only shoot we did at my apartment, which was designed by @heiminteriors," detailed Quark.



Meanwhile, Bianca also shared some loving thoughts of her owy by writing a heartfelt Insta-note for Quark on their last anniversary as an engaged couple earlier this month. 

"3 years have passed since you first sang your love to me at Route 196, and they have undoubtedly been the best 3 years of my life. (so far??)! I am beyond grateful for what we share and all that you are?? happy LAST anniversary as a #Quancé, my love of loves. The titles may change, but I look forward to celebrating many many more with you," shared Bianca.


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Quark and Bianca are set to get married this weekend in a ceremony that's sure to be filled with lots of love, laughter, and lifelong memories!



Images from @quarkhenares