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A Peek At The Work Of The Queen Of Collaborations, Cat Arambulo-Antonio

Brand manager, PR and fashion maven, fashion stylist and director, reality TV show host, interior designer, vlogger, mom—Cat Arambulo-Antonio is a powerhouse who can confidenrtly wear and interchange so many hats.

Women of Style host Joey Mead-King visited Cat and found out what she’s been up to recently. These days, she mostly collaborates with brands and works on her blog. But whatever she is doing, at the core of it is her no-filter attitude and her own unique style.


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Joey and Cat on Women of Style


“Everything is all accidental, as I said, even with my vlogging career, because I was in interior designer,” Cat tells Joey. “I just wanted to put up a blog to incorporate fashion and have my interior design projects there, and next thing you know, I’m doing deals with all these companies—and I started blogging full-time! And from blogging, it became vlogging because I don’t pose well (laughs). So I decided to take videos to capture the real essence of who I am.”


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Cat x Mosaic

Resulting from Cat’s thriving social presence are collaborations with brands she never thought she’d be working with before. After seven months of brainstorming, she released Cat x Mosaic. Mosaic is a female clothing brand that started in 2011 with online and brick-and-mortar stores.


Cat wearing Cat x Mosaic Harem Pants  | Photo from Mosaic


Cat is indeed a fashion icon, known for her trademark black-and-white ensembles. But since she is not a fashion designer by profession, she admits that she can’t come up with something from scratch. So what she does is choose something she already likes and improve it by changing the fabric and the elements. For Cat, the key elements in a piece of clothing are fabric, flow, and fit—and she translates all of these in her pieces with Mosaic.

One of her most popular pieces is the Cat Neo top, which she created with versatility and functionality in mind. The top may look simple, but it’s one of the most travel-savvy pieces that Cat loves in her wardrobe—just wash and wear, no need to iron. And you can dress it up and wear it with a pencil skirt or a ball gown, or dress it down and wear it with a pair of jeans or on top of your gym wear.

The collaboration was so popular that it was sold-out even before it launched, that’s why they’re now working on more pieces for the upcoming holiday season.


Joey holding the Cat Neo top, which is made of neoprene fabric




Shortly after the release of Cat x Mosaic, earlier this year, she also came out with a collaboration with therapeutic shoe brand Dr. Kong.


Cat visits the Dr. Kong warehouse


“I loved fashion ever since I was young,” Cat starts. “And I, too, was following trends when I was young. But as I grew and evolved into what I am now, you see what works for you, what goes well with your height. So I go with whatever’s comfortable for me.”

This is why she now trades her killer hills and pumps once in a while for something more comfortable, especially when she’s traveling or playing with her kids.

Building on Dr. Kong’s comfortable and therapeutic shoes, Cat was able to elevate the design and make it a bit chicer to appeal to a wider range of market.


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One of the many DK x CA designs




Unlike her collaborations, Catastrophe is more of a homegrown brand that Cat started with her daughter, Daniel.

Talking about how they started the brand, Cat says, “Daniel loves to go to Target and spends so much time in the stationary section. And I have these prints I have in my blog which I don’t use for anything, so I thought, ‘Why don’t we create stuff with it?’”


Stationery from Catastrophe


And ever since Catastrophe started in 2016, it has grown bigger to even include accessories like selfie ring light and cellphone pops.


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The way that Cat’s brands grow and develop sort of mirrors how she herself evolves as a person. She tells Joey that she has started to realize the influence she has on mothers and women ever since she started blogging. But now, she has a different and bigger advocacy, more than just being an influencer to many.

“I don’t want to influence, I want to inspire. Inspiring makes so much more of a difference because it means in spirit. And when you touch someone with their spirit, and you release that, that ripples off into a wonderful and beautiful thing,” Cat says.

And when it comes to being herself, Cat adds, “I’d rather be hated for what I am than to be loved for what I’m not. I just want to be real. I think it’s very important to love yourself, have the time for yourself, and devote to align yourself—mind, body, and soul—for you to be able to give back. You cannot give what you don’t have.”


Catch Cat Arambulo-Antonio on Joey Mead-King’s Women of Style on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD. Cat’s episode airs on September 6, Thursday, 9 p.m.; and on September 8, Saturday, 5 p.m., with replays throughout the week.