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Photographer Raul Tangco Gives New York A Sneak Peek Of Uncharted Landscapes & Waterfalls In The Philippines

Nature photographer Raul Tangco will unveil his first solo exhibition at the Philippine Center in New York on July 15, 2019. His repertoire includes twenty-four photographs, presenting seven of the Philippines' most spectacular and lesser-known waterfalls and landscapes.

The exhibit will take the audience into the dense forests of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, where views are mysterious as they are life-changing—from Laguna's Hulugan Falls, where a rainbow appears above its basin every afternoon; to Cebu's Kawasan Falls with its deep turquoise waters; to North Cotabato's Asik-Asik Falls, where a magical curtain of water flows gracefully over a wall of foliage. 


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The man behind the camera

Raul started to dabble in photography in high school. While he did not pursue professional photography, he has, since 1986, been one of the most active lifetime members of The Camera Club of the Philippines, the oldest and most prestigious photography society in the country.

He is a customized framing service provider by profession and, for almost three decades, has been a trusted professional custom framer and curator of artists, painters, and photographers mounting their own exhibitions including business offices and known restaurants in the country needing this type of service.



Tribute to photojournalist Bobot Meru

The exhibit includes three photographs by Bobot Meru—one of the most respected and prolific lensmen in the Philippines—who passed away in 2013. He was best known for his photojournalistic style and unconventional angles. Bobot was one of the pioneer senior photographers at Metro. His works also graced the pages of the top broadsheets and award-wnning books in the country, as well as several publications in Asia and North America. 


Know more about photographer Raul Tangco and his upcoming exhibit in this exclusive Metro.Style interview:


1. Of all the possible subjects, why were you particularly drawn to nature?

"I have always been fascinated with the natural beauty of Mother Nature. I shy away from man made wonders. I have shot various nature subjects, landscapes, seascapes, and a few waterfalls; waterfalls have lesser visitors compared to other tourist destinations in our country."


2. How did the idea for this exhibition come about, and why decide to hold it in New York?

"This exhibit was supposed to be held some five years ago in 2013 at the Philippine Center in New York City with a different theme. Together with a fellow photographer, Crispino Bobot Meru, we were supposed to have a photo exhibit in the same venue. However, he passed away during the preparation period.

"Last year, November 2018, The Camera Club of the Philippines, of which I am lifetime member of, had a photo exhibit which I printed, framed, and curated in the UN in NYC with the Philippine Center as co-sponsor. In that occasion, I met the officer in charge of the Philippine Center, who remembered me and asked me to pursue my photo exhibition, having been previously approved to do an exhibit in their venue. He gave me this exhibition schedule." 


3. How long did the preparations for this exhibition take?

"Preparation was quite short as I had to get more waterfall images into my portfolio. I started last quarter of 2018 until April this year to come up with enough materials for this exhibit. There are about 24 images of 6 waterfalls coming from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao."


4. What message do you wish to convey with this exhibition?

"I would like to invite both local and foreign tourists to include in their itinerary the abundant scenic and beautiful waterfalls of the Philippines. This photographic endeavor will be a continuous adventure of discovery for me, to shoot more extraordinary water images Mother Earth can offer."


"Philippine Landscapes & Waterfalls: An Exhibit by Raul Tangco" will be open to the public from July 15-26, 2019 at the Philippine Center, 556 5th Avenue, New York, 10036 United States. 


Photographs courtesy of Raul Tangco