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Get To Know Print Media Editor-Turned-Digital Content Creator Ria Prieto

She's been an editor for 17 years, and she makes sure to use this print media background to retain credibility in the content she produces for her own online brand and website called "Ria Recommends"

From print media, the world has now transitioned to the digital sphere. Gone are the days when people would spend time browsing through glossies for the hottest thing or the newest trend. Everyone is now glued to their phones, scrolling endlessly, hopping from one piece of news to another. Social media has given people a platform to influence others. There is no one brand that can dictate what is hot and what is not. Everyone now has a fair playing field when it comes to influencing people on what works, what’s good, and what they should buy.

In this digital age, every print writer and editor has learned to adapt. And Ria Prieto, who has been in the world of publication for 17 years, has learned to transition into becoming an online brand, so she can continue doing what she loves doing and sharing what she believes in and trusts.

Ria sat down with Tricia Centenera on Talk With Tricia to talk about how and why she started her website, Ria Recommends, and how she sets it apart from other blogs and websites out there in terms of content and credibility.

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Ria’s career was hinged on lifestyle magazine work, which led to her becoming the editor-in-chief of Inquirer Red Magazine.

But as she writes on Ria Recommends, Ria says that transitioning to the digital sphere was a process that she had to go through. “It would be easy to assume that going online would come natural to me, but it didn’t. This site was more than a year in the making. A true testament to how much I resisted putting my choices out there. But then I realized it’s what I do everyday: on Instagram, in the paper, and the magazine.”

Ria Recommends was born to become a new avenue for her to continue creating content that helps shape trends and keeps readers informed on the latest lifestyle news. This time, on her own terms.

Since Ria started Ria Recommends, it has become a website where like-minded individuals go to read more about what Ria loves and believes in. And for her, the years she spent working in magazines have trained her to keep the integrity in everything she writes about.

“The things that I write about are things that I believe in,” Ria says. “And the most important thing to me is my credibility. Like, when I said I've been an editor for 17 years, I think that's the whole foundation of what I’m doing. Because otherwise, if I don't think that way, then why even bother doing it?”

As a purveyor of fashion, Ria also wants her readers to pick up from her the art of dressing up for themselves. What she wants her readers to take away from Ria Recommends is the sense of responsibility when it comes to purchasing products. 

“I think when you purchase something, it should be a reflection of yourself. The last thing you should think of is ‘Is this luxury?’ Because then, you’re just that person who values themselves because of what they wear,” she says.

“As you get older, you also want to think about design, form, and function, and how it will affect your life because you’re allowing it to enter your personal space.”

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Her mindset, her work ethics, and her keen eye for great products are ultimately what make Ria Recommends special. And for Ria, even though she has transitioned to the online space, she makes it a point to uphold her journalistic values and editorial judgement in everything that she does and puts out there.

In the end, she envisions Ria Recommends as an avenue wherein she can continue helping women out there be a better version of themselves.

If you haven’t yet, watch the full episode of Talk With Tricia with Ria Prieto below:

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