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Here's What People Think Of Rt. Rev. Michael Curry, The Bishop Whose Sermon At The Royal Wedding Will Go Down In History

He brushed it off as an April fool's joke when he was asked to participate at the event.

In the end, his 13-minute speech that emphasized the power of love and using it to change the world became the royal wedding's most talked-about topic, with 40,000 people per minute tweeting about him and his words that made history.


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While the royal wedding was, of course, a day to celebrate the union of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, anyone who watched its live telecast, read news, or simply overheard conversations about it will know that it was also a wonderful day for African-Americans, or really anyone who has been ostracized by or oppressed by society.

In case you missed it, the Chicago-based Bishop delivered a rousing sermon at the pulpit—with the help of an iPad, no less—that was, to say the least, unconventional.


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The fact that there was a black Bishop delivering one of the highlights of a royal wedding was applause-worthy in itself. But the moment Rt. Rev. Curry found his rhythm and spoke about society's injustices and quoted the great Martin Luther King Jr. in a hall filled by a predominantly white audience who might find it uncomfortable to acknowledge their role in the oppression and slavery of African immigrants in decades past, the world knew that they were watching history unfold.


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His speech, as many now realize, was never meant to be safe and sanitized. The royal wedding itself, a union of a mixed-race actress and a Prince, was groundbreaking, which meant that all of the ceremony's highlights, including the sermons, would be reflective of this.



Yet even with his fiery words, the Bishop, a known social activist in the United States, meant no disrespect. He simply spoke in the usual style of impassioned African-American church leaders, albeit one not often seen in British churches, and certainly never witnessed during a royal wedding.


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He spoke at length of issues plaguing the world today and unsolved problems of the past, but rather than dwell on suffering and pain or play the racial blame game, the 65-year-old soon made his point clear: the power of sacrificial, redemptive, and unselfish love is all we need to enact change—precisely the kind love that brought the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex together, the love that will allow them to inspire and influence.



For the first time in history, a black man—one whose family members are descendants of slaves—found himself in a position in the British monarchy that let him ignite a fire in the hearts of people, regardless of race and religious background, from all corners of the world.

This elicited strong reactions from the wedding's worldwide audience, majority of which were positive. Here are some of our favorites:













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