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Salamat, Meghan! The Royal-Bride-To-Be Speaks To Filipino Fans In Their Native Tongue

Jenny Ulay and her husband are one lucky couple!

Not only were they fortunate enough to have met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their Edinburgh tour, but they were also responsible for a video that has since gone viral after it was posted a few days ago and reposted by Facebook user Malcolm Conlan.



The clip, which starts out with the typical way fans interact with the royal couple, held a special treat at the end. After introducing herself as a fan from the Philippines, Jenny shook Meghan's hand, exchanged a few words with her, then was ready to see Meghan move on to the next person—until the American actress said, "Salamat po."

Hearing Meghan utter a phrase that translates to "thank you" surprised Jenny who was clearly tickled pink with Meghan's kind words. All Jenny could do was say "salamat" in return, and turn to her husband with a giggle in utter disbelief.

The pleasant encounter turned out to be a throwback to the years Meghan spent in Los Angeles. The culturally diverse California city is home to thousands of Filipino families, and Meghan was no stranger to growing up around Filipino households. In fact, she's so familiar with Filipino culture that she claims she can cook adobo extremely well, and once included the popular Filipino dish in a "10 healthy food ideas"  food article she wrote for



Let's also not forget that her fiancé and his older brother, Prince William, spent their youth being cared for by a well-loved Filipino nanny. Araceli “Lillie” Piccio, who is from Bacolod, was in charge of caring for the two boys and also shared a close relationship with their late mother, Princess Diana.

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton made it a point to speak to her when she attended their 2011 wedding, with both princes even planting affectionate kisses on her cheek and telling her how happy they were to see her there. Could she have taught Prince Harry a few Filipino words, and did he in turn pass them onto Meghan?



Regardless of where Meghan learned the Filipino phrase, she's definitely won the affection of Filipinos around the world! It's always appreciated when a person of her status makes small yet meaningful gestures to connect with her fans of diverse backgrounds.

With a royal wedding coming up in less than three months' time, Meghan can count on Filipinos to be tuned in to the grand ceremony.