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This Sara Black-Approved Yoga Retreat Is What Your Mind, Body, And Spirit Need—Immediately!

Contrary to what the Internet has taught you, the true heart of yoga lies not in your abilities to master that impressive headstand or look as flawless as possible during a morning beach session.

This holistic practice of wellness that developed in India more than five millennia ago was shared with the world to allow practitioners, both novice and advanced, to discover the ways in which to connect mind, body and soul—a sure path to the universal pursuits of authentic freedom, joy, peace, and yes, love, too. 

Luckily for us, a Siargao-based yoga retreat tackling these very concerns is scheduled to take place in a few months' time. 


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The retreat which will be headed by certified yoga instructors Sara Black and UK-based holistic clinic Your Earth Clinic founder Natasha Anand Boojihawon (a pair who struck up a friendship during their yoga studies in India) aims to focus on rediscovering one's freedom.

If that sounds a little too intangible to appreciate, think of it this way. 


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In the midst of the hustle and bustle of our lives, both personal and professional, many of us have forgotten to be true to ourselves. We might have made sacrifices about our passions to make room for career advancement, perhaps even set aside lifelong dreams and goals because of the responsibility of caring for a family, or even hit a roadblock that, for too long, has been making us feel like we've been going around in circles. 

Really, there are tons of things to think about that one's mind and heart rarely have the space to deal with it all. 



In other words, we experience physical stress, mental exhaustion, and emotional stagnancy these days because of being so out of touch with ourselves and what we really want to get out of life (and more importantly, how to get what we want).  

Without a doubt, those issues are concrete and relatable—and so is the desire to surpass them.


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This is what Sara and Natasha mean about rediscovering one's freedom. It is the freedom from worry, self-doubt, and limit, the freedom to unlearn the habits and practices stopping us from getting there.

At their retreat, participants will learn what it means to use yoga as a tool to gain a more intimate understanding of the self; dissecting how thoughts, inner dialogue and self-talk, reactions, and emotional reflexes give you an unobstructed view of what you've been doing right, as well as which needs to be improved. 



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Take it from Sara herself who credits her 10-year-long relationship with yoga for her renewed vitality and positivity; the photographer-slash-yoga teacher recounts, "It started out as a workout for me. It took a long time for me to get serious in the practice. And it was only when I fractured my hip that I really felt how it has a very powerful method for healing on all levels.

"Yoga helped me get into my body and know it on a very intimate level, because it develops a lot of body awareness. And then integrating my body to my mind—always trying to push past the perceived limits in your head," she continues. 


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It was only with her firsthand experience with yoga that she discovered the interconnectedness of the spirit and the physical—and the importance of caring for both, as the stress on one side of the coin inevitably takes a toll on the other. 

As someone who has practiced other exercises or relaxation regimens in the past, Sara explains that more often than not, they target only physical concerns. A jog, massage, or gym session can develop muscle and relax sore spots, but little is done to train the mind and strengthen the heart. 



It's also the main takeaway that Sara and Natasha wish to share with their students: that mental and emotional breakthroughs achieved through yoga impacts everything, and always does so in a positive way. 


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Many of their past students have expressed gratitude for the lessons they learned and have noticed themselves becoming kinder and more compassionate with themselves and those around them. And when there is inner peace, the body too, can be relaxed. (Their great feedback is what also prompted Sara and Natasha to organize a second round).



Take a moment to connect to your breath. The breath offers us a very unique point of access to come directly into our bodies. Without it, life would cease. Contemplate on how miraculous that is, to connect to life through the act of inhaling and exhaling. We often take this for granted. There is so much beauty in the simplest of mechanisms!?? • Find a quiet space, sit with your spine tall and begin with a four part breath. Inhale for four counts, hold for four counts, exhale for four counts, hold for four counts. Repeat for as long as you can. Pay attention to the quality of your energy. This instantly brings you into a state of calm ?? • Learn more about mastering your breath on our upcoming Siargao Retreat! Link to register in bio ??

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Interested parties can expect to participate in the following activities in their rediscovering freedom retreat: 

  • Daily meditation, and developing your own practice that you can do at home 
  • Daily yoga practice
  • Energy work
  • Wisdom talks
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Soul blue printing
  • Island excursions 


The trip is scheduled to take place from January 31 to February 5, 2019 and will be held on Lotus Shores, Siargao (we couldn't think of a better venue for an event like this). It's open to anyone and everyone, including those with little to no prior yoga experience; an open heart and willingness to explore are all you need to be equipped with for this experience. 



As a last invitation to her future students, Sara has a last nugget of wisdom to share that's been proven time and time again in her decade of being a yoga practitioner: 

"You always have your daily yoga practice to bring you back to center, to peace. Life's difficulties will come your way but you will always find your way home." 


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