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Filipino Singer Marcelito Pomoy Makes It To AGT's Finals—Here's What Makes Him So Spectacular

He's one step away from claiming his destiny: shining on the world stage!

The audience collectively held its breath in electric anticipation when, Marcelito Pomoy, a Cavite-born singer with humble beginnings, stepped onto the America's Got Talent: The Champions stage for another round of an incredibly talented performance. 

For the duration of his rendition of Italian masterpiece Con Te Partirò, America's eyes—no, the world's eyes—were upon him. 

And by the end of it all, AGT judge Howie Mandel had only one thing to say: "I believe that you have the best shot of winning this whole thing." 

The applause and cheers that followed were deafening.

But before the show came to a close that evening, the judges had a final task: to announce the acts that would advance to the next and final round, the last step before they get the opportunity to earn the title of season champ. 

"Marcelito Pomoy!" yelled AGT host Terry Crews, much to the delight of Marcelito's Filipino and international fans alike. 

He was the third semi-finalist to be called, and will be competing with nine other acts for the ultimate prize come the grand finals. 


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If you haven't seen any of Marcelito's performances yet, once you do, it's much easier to understand how his phenomenal dual voices have made massive waves across the planet, blowing the roof off every time he takes the stage to belt out a beautiful number.

He's a great singer to begin with, but the fact that he's able to sing both male and female voices with seamless switching between the two multiple times during a song is simply pure talent that's out of this world. 

But there are other things, non-performance-related qualities, that have made Marcelito a true winner even before he took the stage for the first time. 


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First off the bat is how Marcelito turned his life around and eventually became a dedicated family man. You would never know that he had spent half of his life on the street, homeless and without family, with no friends or neighbors to care for him, provide basic needs, and certainly encourage him to hone his talent. 

When he was scared and overcome with anxiety about his future, he would sing. That was the only practice he ever got. 

Single-handedly, he lifted himself out of poverty and despair, and before he knew it, he was on the stage of Pilipinas Got Talent in 2011—a competition which he saw by chance and then won, no less. He was crowned the show's second season victor. 


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But even then, his only dream was to find his family and if they were watching him and recognized him, that they would be proud of him. Fame came only second to this. (He was reunited with some of his family members after a nationwide search for them, in case you were wondering if it was indeed a happily ever after indeed for this lucky soul).

However, the universe wasn't quite finished with him yet.

In 2014, three years after he had made a name for himself in the industry (and released two studio albums!), he married Joan Paraiso who would eventually become his onstage translator and manager. They would later on welcome a baby girl named Marcela. 


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With her help, Marcelito would begin a new life of touring and performing at events here and abroad, eventually making his way to the United States in 2018 where he would gain acclaim that he had never realized he deserved. (He's even appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show where he won hearts over by singing "Tale As Old As Time"). 

Come 2019, he found  himself at the AGT audition room prepared with his version of "The Prayer," and just like that, he had become an overnight sensation—trending in the Philippines and worldwide, racking up millions and millions of views on his past performances, and ultimately, the support of many around the world who believe in his goodness as a person as much as his talent.

Overall, it looks like Marcelito is armed with a killer combination: a good heart, a level head on his shoulders, and of course, inimitable talent worthy of the world stage. 

Good luck to you, Marcelito!

America's Got Talent: The Champions' season finale is scheduled to take place on February 10, Monday. 

Photos from @marcelitopomoy8