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EXCLUSIVE: Scenes From Steps Dance Studio's 25th Anniversary Celebration

It took years of hard work, dedication, and unwavering love for the art of dance for Steps Dance Studio's founder Sofia Zobel-Elizalde to celebrate its 25th anniversary. This month, the creative spirit has finally hit the milestone that's both a personal and professional feat, happily celebrating it with her biggest supporters and closest friends in an unforgettable night of performances. 

Looking back at all that she's accomplished and sharing the spotlight with the performers who embody her studio's commitment to discipline and passion, Sofia lets us in on what the special occasion held was like, including snaps of the enchanting showcases that delighted all in attendance. 



Thank you so much @eiconthemove_ and @metrosocietyph for your support of the arts, dance and our celebration of 25 years... changing lives through dance. So appreciated. ?? #Repost @eiconthemove_ ··· The cover of our Heritage Issue is graced by Sofia Zobel-Elizalde. A deep love for dance and a determined drive to help others mark her mission, together with the Steps Dance Studio.  Now celebrating 25 years, it isn't just a school for dance but also a training ground for empowering dancers and dreamers. Inside our issue, our main feature shows the loving and undying relationships of mothers and daughters, and their stories on family and life. • Out in stores soon, grab a copy! • Photographs by Jojo Mamangun (@jojomamangunphoto) Story by Leah Puyat (@puyatleah) Makeup and hair by Creations by Lourd Ramos Styling by styleList, inc. (@stylelistinc), Miguel Cruz (@mr.miguelcruz) Video by Berwin Coroza (@berwincoroza) Video produced by Joan Ko (@joknutsss) • #MetroSociety #CoverReveal #Magazine #Fashion #MSLuxury #HeritageIssue #Design #Arts #FashionMagazine #Lifestyle #Luxury #SofiaZobelElizalde @sofiazelizalde #StepsDanceStudio

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As an event executed in partnership with NYC-based artists Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish and Elena Comendador, the evening's performances not only included dance numbers but also living installations that incorporated both visual and auditory elements. 


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The goal was to create a wearable sculpture and dance project all in one that was graceful and thought-provoking, a display to highlight the strength of the human form and all the beautiful things it's capable of after it's been molded by the talented trainers and mentors. 



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The finished product was nothing short of amazing; performers who practiced their acts for weeks on end delivered the best of their craft, while all other artistic elements like costumes, makeup, and live music all came together to complement the heart of the performance. 


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Sofia, who graces the cover of Metro Society's "Heritage Issue" couldn't have been prouder of her work. As a dancer and choreographer herself, she met each number with applause and a genuine smile, while also taking the time to speak with guests eager to congratulate her or simply ask about her continued success after more than two decades, and counting. 

Cocktails at Poblacion's Polilya were also a highlight of the night and proved to be the perfect setting for a night of socializing, unwinding, and celebration. 

See scenes from the event in the gallery below:




Photographs by Daniel Soriano