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Step Aside Harry, It's Time For The Ladies To Meet 5 Of The World's Most Eligible Royal Bachelors! 

Swoon! These handsome—and single—royal men keep our dreams about becoming real-life princesses alive! 



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After all, what's not to love about the 33-year-old? He's got a wicked sense of humor, he's down-to-earth, has an openly soft spot for the British public, is relatable, has a kind heart that matches those kind eyes, is cute as a button, and—lest we forget—he's a Prince. 


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Meghan sure is living out the ultimate fantasy of many women who see themselves tying the knot with a beloved royal, but ladies, worry not; Prince Harry might now be taken, but these dapper young men from royal families around the world are very much still on the lookout for the leading ladies of their own love stories. 

With our pleasure, we'd love to introduce you to 5 of the world's most eligible royal bachelors: 


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Crown Prince Hamdan, Dubai

A quick scroll though his Instagram feed, and his gentleness becomes apparent. Look at how natural and caring he is with kids, his people, and even animals! Look into those eyes and be convinced. 



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Prince Nikolai, Denmark

Remember when Anne Hathaway's The Princess Diaries was all the rage? By the looks of it, the young Prince Nikolai was the guy we pictured in our heads collectively when we imagined ourselves to be real-life Anne. 




Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, Jordan 

You can't really top a combo of kindness and firmness when a man knows how to exude both qualities at appropriate times and contexts. Just see how Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II of Jordan command power and compassion at will. 





Prince Mateen, Brunei  

With many years of growing responsibility ahead of this leader in the making, we have zero doubts that he'll be more than capable. At a young age, he's already found the sweet spot of managing work and play, so you know what the means? He'll always have time for his lady love amidst even the busiest of days. 



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Prince Constantine-Alexios, Greece 

The Greek royal family may not be as visible as other monarchies around the world, but that doesn't mean the clan's young men aren't as deserving of your attention! See Prince Constantine (a.k.a. Tino, because his Greek name is Konstantino) who's mostly grown up away from the limelight; he's low-key, but definitely a head-turner! 



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