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The Mindset To Being A Successful Mompreneur According To Fatima Rabago

We catch some tips from mom, model, and entrepreneur Fatima Rabago on how she runs her life, her business, and her family with little to no fuss

Fatima Rabago has been living the crazy and busy life for years now, juggling her roles as a mother, entrepreneur, model, and wife to Hideo Muraoka. But even as she levels up her life with a new baby, it seems like she’s not getting any more tired—in fact, she looks more energized and happier than ever.

Tricia Centenera sits down with Fatima for Talk with Tricia and we find out what are some of Fatima’s secrets to living this happy and fuss-free life.

Love every bit of your motherhood journey.

Many people find it challenging to adjust to motherhood. And it’s not surprising because raising a kid is crazy—sleepless months, looking after them during their craziest and most hyper years, and guiding them as they learn about life.

This is why having a helper or a yaya at home is very common in the Philippines. But surprisingly, the power couple Fatima and Hideo have no house helpto look over their kids. From the time they had Daniela around eight years ago, to now with their new baby boy Kenzo, it’s all about hands-on parenting for them.

The secret, Fatima says, is that she loves every bit of the journey and experience. “I’m super okay. I’m so happy. I enjoy this so much even the nappy changing, the non-sleeping. Everything—I love it!”

In fact, it’s not just her. Hideo enjoys being a father so much as well, that Fatima reveals sometimes they would even fight about who gets to do what baby chore. She says, “He was really born to be a father. He’s amazing.”

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Image from @hideo_official


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Meditate when life gets too crazy.

Fatima and Hideo are both busy individuals, and they make it a point that they’re always occupied with work and their hobbies, on top of being parents to their Daniela and Kenzo. Fatima runs her own business, Agua Brazilian Swimwear, a brand that offers beautiful and high-quality swimwear that sells globally. Hideo, on the other hand, is busy with his showbiz career and photography.

They have no house help who looks after the kids, and they don’t even have a driver to chauffeur them around. They do everything by themselves and for their family.

This is why Fatima says she needs to meditate “when life gets too crazy.” It’s these moments of peace that lets her get the time for herself and reenergize for the next tasks she has and wants to do.

Meditating can be different for everyone. You can meditate lying down or sitting up, with or without music, on the floor or on a cushion. You may choose to meditate on a mantra or reflect on the day, or the upcoming days. It’s your call. But whatever you choose, it’s all about concentrating and being in tune with your mind and soul. Studies on meditation have all found meditation to have good benefits like lessened anxiety, lower blood cortisol and stress levels, and improved blood circulation. So if you find yourself a bit overburdened or spinning out of control, learn to pause, reflect, and meditate to take the reins back.

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Focus less on the material things.

Hideo and Fatime both started out as models, traveling around the world for their work. This kind of on-the-go lifestyle has trained them to be attached less to materials things so they can lug around next to nothing when they have to transfer from country to country.

And they’ve carried this mindset of not focusing on material things to the present, with each other and with their family. Fatima says, “We’re very down-to-earth people. We’re not material people. We really want to raise our kids with all the experience that they can get.”

So Fatima says whenever they get the chance, they would take their kids on an adventure or spend time with them because every bit of chance they get to spend time together is more precious that any amount of money in the world.

Image from @fatimarabago
Image from @fatimarabago


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Be true to yourself.

Fatima has an amazing figure, even after giving birth to two kids. But for her, it’s more than the physical. It’s never just about the physical. In fact, she reveals that she would always encounter people who would bash her about her body. “People tell me that I must be an anorexic, that I’m not a good example for youngsters. But they only see [my body]. I see over the physical. They don’t see over the physical and that’s the danger.”

For her, it’s always about the mindset. It’s about eating healthy, being healthy, and practicing healthy. She and her husband would always post on Instagram that living healthy is the key. That’s what’s important, not what you look like.

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When it comes to setting up a business or following a career that you want, it’s also important to stick to what you know and what you love. You can’t really be successful and fulfilled on something that you just get into because it makes money. Find something that speaks to you, that makes you want to do it every time you wake up. For Fatima, it’s about being free and making swimwear that she herself would love to wear. That’s why her business has been doing so well. Because she loves to do it and wants to grow it. Fatima advices, “Be true to yourself. Be true to your beliefs. And don’t try to be something that you’re not.”

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If you haven’t yet, watch the full episode of Talk with Tricia with Fatima Rabago below.


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